Will there be new Co-Stars?

Now that I have Rocko on the patrol for the newest P90X sensation, I can hardly contain my excitement.  I am wondering if there will be all new co-stars alongside my hero Tony.  If so, I hope they are as interesting as the dipshits he had with him in the original P90X.   I harken back to the time of Pam “The Blam” Moore,  Dreya “The Arialist” Weber, Dave “The Karate Man”,  Scott “Fifer Scissors” Fifer.  And who could forget Eric “Ole One Legger” Livesonaboat, Wesley “Kenpo King” Idol and Vanessa “DNA coming out all over the place” Skankface.

I did a little research into what the name Dreya could mean.  Turns out it is Portugese and is roughly translated as “she male with six-pack abs”.  Who would have guessed.    I am hoping with all my heart that Tony got a one-armed guy this time instead of a one-legged one, will make the chin-up and push-up sections far more exciting.  And maybe he got a couple more dudes who shave their armpits for the lady’s like the guys in Chest, Arms and Back.

I could live without seeing old Wesley “half-assed Henry” Idol anymore.  Talk about sleepwalking through a workout.  The only thing that kept me doing the Kenpo those 90 days was the hope that the Black Marine would go AWOL and stomp the shit out of old Tony.  I can only hope the new co-stars are as good as the old ones, cause according to the Team Beachbody web site, I am only going to have 30 minutes each day to learn to hate each and every one of them.   Can’t Wait!!!


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