Early Delivery

Wow, talk about your preemie babies… Rocko delivered in record time!  I was out of town all weekend and when I got back, I noticed a white box stuffed behind the bushes in the front yard.  It looked like the box had been tossed from the street and had bounced off the porch and fell down behind the bushes by the looks of it.  So I hunkered down and crawled through the old dead leaves, dried up dog turds and assorted other garbage and what do I find?  You got it, a Team Beachbody box with a “Return to Sender” sticker on it.  On the side of the box P90X 3.  Woo hoo.

I did open the box, but did not have time to go through the contents at all.  There was a small book, a fold out poster of the workout calendar, and what looked like about 10 DVD’s in a plastic wrapped package with Tony’s smiling mug on the front.  Looks like I will have to get started on this thing a little earlier than planned.  Seeing that today is St. Patrick’s Day, I will be downing at least a couple of pitchers of Green Beer and will be way to drunk to read any manuals or operate any DVD players. (But I should be able to drive my car back from the bar just fine)

I am thinking of an initial weigh-in on Wednesday March 26th, and a slow work into the program over the next week and a half. (I learned my lesson with the original P90X, don’t try matching old Tony and friends on the first day, work into it gradually, otherwise you end up walking like an 90 year old man with a telephone pole shoved half way up his ass)  I am going to shoot for March 30th as the first official day of the program and will start providing daily updates at that point.


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