Weigh-In and Test Week

Well the time is finally here… Test week, this is where I do each of the workouts at about half-assed pace and make sure that I am not all sore and quit after a week.   I popped in Total Synergistics on Tuesday, March 25th and the stepped through it with all of the sounds turned off.  Whats the first thing I see?  God damned Dreya Weber.  I could see Tony’s lips moving in her direction, probably saying things like “she flies through the air with the greatest of ease” and “shes gorgeous”.    Seemed like a pretty good workout. 

Wednesday was Weigh-In (starting weight was a nice and hefty 185) and Agility X.  This workout reminded me more of an Insanity session, but again I was only going 60 to 70% effort to minimize the soreness.  Thursday was X3 Yoga – A huge improvment over the Yoga in P90X.  30 minutes was perfect for this.  No need to to 4 million vinyasa’s, it gets going early and steps through various stretch and balance moves at a good pace.  Legs were a litte sore after the Agility X day even when I only half assed it.  I think it had more to do with stretching the hammies out a little to far than actual soreness due to activity.

Today will be The Challenge.  Hopefully I am up for it. 

My Day 1 to start the program at 100%  will be April 1st (no fooling) and I will be providing day by day reviews/updates/discussions of each of the workouts and my progress.   


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