Day 5 – CVX

Tony says: “Grab a weight and let’s get going”.  In my stupidity, I picked up a 10lb dumbell, after all, how hard could it be???

Oh yeah, no warmup today, lets just jump right in!!!  What the fuck?  My arms and chest a little sore from The Challege the day before and a little warm up would have been nice.  But Tony is all jacked up and wearing his lifeguard cut off shirt and he is ready to get this show on the road.

Round 1: Each excercise is done for 1 minute.  Then the Round is repeated.

Press Jacks – It is early so I feel just fine with this 10lb dumbbell.

Atlas Twists – Yeah, this dumbell is feeling pretty heavy.

March and Reach – It is feeling way to heavy now, straight out arm extensions with 10 lbs will let ya know it.

Repeat – I make it through 30 seconds of Press Jacks, then drop the 10lb dumbell and grab a 3 pound one.

Round 2: Again 1 minute each, then repeat all 3 again.

Traveling Tire Twists – Much better with only 3 lbs.  I really do not like this move.

Frog Squat Reach – Where are my 5lb dumbells?  Feeling too easy with just 3 lbs.

Arc Press Lunges – Arc the weight over, while doing lunges.

Round 3 – 3 lb dumbells are a little light. Need to find my 5 lb ones.

Hop overs – roll up a towel, put on the floor and hop over it.  No weights needed here.

Balance Pulls – Another one from Insanity, but with weights it is now even harder.

Twist and Pivot – Just like the warm up exercise, but with a weight added.

Round 4 – This thing is starting to kick my ass.  I need to focus to stay with it.

Side Reach Jumps – Reach to the side, then do jump shot.  All with your weight.

Crescent Chair – Jesus H. Christ its fricking YOGA with a weight.  Kiss my ass Tony!!!!

Globe Squatters – Wide leg squat combined with an overhead arc with the weight.

The repeat in Round 4 is the Burnout stage, just whip through each as fast as possible with no break between each.

This is a fun routine.  I think 5lbs will be perfect, I just need to find my 5lb dumbells somewhere.  You burn a lot of calories and work up a good sweat with this one.   The Kids are Lauren (the normalest looking of the women in these videos so far) Keith who is a new face in the crowd, and Traci the chick whose vag has spit out like a half dozen trophies in the last 7 years.  Traci is a better looking version of that hunk of nasty gristle Dreya Weber.

Diet: 2,143 gross calories in. Net of 1,718. (It was Saturday night, I had to go out for dinner and a few beers)

Nutrition: 35% Protein, 37% Fat, 28% Carbs (must have been the rack of ribs that got the extra fat in there)

Steps: 7,629 – I took a nap in the afternoon, then watched a movie after dinner.  Too much time sittin on my ass.

Active Minutes: 35

Calories Burned: 2709

5 Days down, only 85 more to go!!!



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