Day 7 – Dynamix

It is the end of week 1 and it is time for Dynamix. This is a moderate to easy stretching and abs workout.  It actually is optional, but after doing the routine for a second time now I really enjoyed it.   The workout basically involves a series of right and left side dynamic stretches that will help you stay limber and ready for the next week of workouts.  Another nice thing about this workout is the 3 new faces in the crowd behind old Tony.   Shannon who is a “hot” comedian according to Tony, Ed the Asian who was part of the test group, and Malichi Davis who was an Olympic athlete back in the day. 

All of the stretches are done while moving, so there are no simple static stretches.  After about 10 minutes you will start to work up a light sweat, which was letting me know that this was getting something accomplished.  The last 6 or 7 minutes of the routine is focused on abs, and gets you huffing and puffing a little bit.  Some Fifer Scissors, Side Bananas, Supermans, and Big Bicycles. 

Missed opportunity of the workout?  When Tony asks hot Susan what the workout does, and she replies “Umm Elongate?”  Now if Tony had quickly replied “Especially when I look at you” that would have been the perfect response.  Instead he fumbles for words and turns a little red and chuckles.  When a comedian tees it up for you, dammit Tony you have to hit it!

Anyways, Susan mentions something about a Banana Hammock and Tony again misses the chance to zing her.  Instead he says something about never mentioning the Banana Hammock on the show again.  

Diet: 1,560 gross calories in. Net of 910.

Nutrition: 41% Protein, 41% Fat, 18% Carbs

Steps: 8,839

Active Minutes: 35

Calories Burned: 2966

1 Week in the books.  11more to go!!!

Back at it tomorrow with Total Syn.


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