Day 8 – Total Synergistics

Second time through the Total Synergistics routine and things were much improved.  First of all knowing exactly how to do each of the moves helps keep things flowing.  Warmup and the first four moves flew by, then came crawly plyo pushups… I think my form may have been better than what Dreya and crew were showing on screen, cause 30 seconds in, I was about done.  I looked up atthe screen, and I am not sure exactly what Dreya was doing, but it did not look like a pushup. 

Moving on, I noticed that Jamie can really crank out the pull-ups.  On some of the moves he looks like he is about to give up, but that dude can crank out the Chin-Up Circle Crunches like nobodys business.  The rest of the workout went pretty smooth the second time through, that is until the last move. Warrior Squat Moon – How I hate thee.  I managed to get almost all the way through on the right leg but stumbled right at the end.  This thing kills the old quads.  Left side was a total mess of fumbling, stumbling, cussing, and swearing.  Overall things went much better than week 1.  I will probably add more weight to a couple of the moves next week.

 Diet: 1,756 Gross Calories, Net of 1,482

Nutrition Breakdown: 40% Protein, 38% Fat, 22% Carbs.

Steps: 9,602

Active Minutes: 61

Calories Burned: 2665


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