Day 11 and 12 – The Challenge and CVX

Weekend is here and it is a little harder to post.  With spring in the air there are lots of honey do’s to get started and finished on days that the weather is good.  With P90X3 only being 30 minutes per workout, it makes it much easier to get the workouts in.  I mean by the time you are started, finished and cleaned up, it still eats about an hour out of your day. (P90X was more like 1:45 and P90X2 more like 1:20 out of pocket time)

The Challenge:  Moved up to 5 – 15 as my numbers.  Still not able to get all the way through the workout doing 5 unbroken in the pull-ups each time.  Did manage to finish every time with 15 push-ups.   My pull-up bar is one of the in-the-door models and it really does not feel that great to do pull-ups on.  That is my excuse and I am sticking with it. 

CVX: Found my 5lb dumbbells and that turned out to the correct weight.  I made it all the way through, but several times found myself wanting to drop the weight and finish a set with no weight.   I toughed it out each time and was plenty sore in the chest and shoulders the next day. 

Diet: 1,875 and 2,211 gross calories (weekend!!!). Net of 1,324 and 1,441 

Nutrition: 34% Protein, 38% Fat, 28% Carbs (No more chinese chicken for lunch til my 30 days are up)

Steps: 11,527 and 11,908 – It was a busy friday and saturday

Active Minutes: 80 and 42 

Calories Burned: 2941 and 3161

12 down and 78 more days to go.




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