Day 13 – The Warrior

Time for The Warrior!  Body weight only on this workout.  Second time through this one at full pace and it is a great workout.  Sweating like a whore in church after this one is done.  I made it through the entire workout without stopping or pressing pause.  The Super Burpee and Abrinomes are the worst for me, I was actually getting a little light headed during the Super Burpee’s and almost tumbled right into the TV.  This wrapped up a pretty good weekend (friday thru sunday) of workouts combined with yardwork and “honey do” lists.  Need to get back to work so I can get some rest.

Diet: 1,517 gross calories in. Net of 952. Breakfast and an early dinner, no lunch squeezed in there.

Nutrition: 38% Protein, 31% Fat, 31% Carbs

Steps: 9,371–

Active Minutes: 42

Calories Burned: 2898

Done with Week 2.  I will be starting week 3 without doing the Dynamix routine. Instead I will be switching the routine order up a little bit due to Easter Sunday and Good Friday holidays.  I am thinking: Total Syn, Agility X, The Challenge, CVX, Rest Day (Friday), The Warrior, Yoga X (Sunday).  This is followed by the recovery week.



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