Day 14 – Dynamix & Total Synergistics

With the Good Friday and Easter holiday on the way this coming weekend, I have decided to “double up” on the workouts for a few days to get ahead of the curve.  Basically Friday and Saturday and Sunday will become “off” days as I travel to celebrate the holiday with family.  Therefore I will do two workouts per day so that I get them all in prior to the weekend. 

So on Monday (Day 14) I was supposed to do just Dynamix, but instead did both Day 14 and Day 15’s workouts.  I did Day 15’s Total Synergistics in the afternoon and was able to plow through the entire thing nearly as good as the kids.  Later in the evening (about 9:00pm) I pulled out the Dynamix and did that routine.  Love it.  Great stretching routine with just enough ab and core work to get you sweating. 

Diet: 1,890 Gross Calories, Net of 1,441

Nutrition Breakdown: 30% Protein, 48% Fat, 22% Carbs.

Steps: 10,358

Active Minutes: 31

Calories Burned: 2778


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