Day 16 – The Challenge

After doubling up for the past 2 days, it was back to a single workout today with just The Challenge.  This is simply a push-pull routine as Tony puts it.  I increased my numbers to 6 pull-ups and 18 push-ups.   Again I was unable to get through the entire workout with the 6 pull-ups unbroken.  Eventually in the later ones I would do 3 then rest for a couple seconds, then do 3 more.  The push-ups on the other hand, I was able to get through both sets of all the different types unbroken.  The burnout phase I managed 5 rounds of 1 pull-up and 3 push-ups.

Diet: 1,652 Gross Calories, Net of 1,234

Nutrition Breakdown: 30% Protein, 45% Fat, 24% Carbs. (Yuck… Mexican Food for Dinner, should have said NO)

Steps: 8,521

Active Minutes: 55

Calories Burned: 2768

Weigh-In:  183.6 lbs  down 2.0 from last week and down 2.2 from Day 1.


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