Day – 17 thru 20

Easter Weekend:  Did my best to keep the snacks and carbs as low as possible.  The only P90X3 workout completed over the long weekend was CVX.  Started with an 8lb weight be eventually had to drop back down to a 5lb dumbell.  Monday, April 21st will be Day 21 and the end of the first 3 week section of the program.  I will be finishing The Warrior and Dynamix on Monday and will then spend the next 7 days in “Recovery” week.  Many people skip the workouts during this week, but I will stick with them, as it will be the first time doing many of them for me.

Back to the routine this week and that should help keep the diet more consistent.

Diet: 5,869 Gross Calories over 4 days. Average of 1,467 per day

Nutrition Breakdown: 37% Protein, 43% Fat, 20% Carbs.  4 day average.

Steps: 36,230 or 9,057 per day over the 4 days.

Active Minutes: 93 total or 23.25 per day.

Calories Burned: 10,863 over 4 days or 2,715 per day total.



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