Day 21 – The Warrior and Dynamix

Doubled up to finish off Week 3 and to get back on target with the workouts after the Easter weekend.  It was fitting to do The Warrior with “Boston Strong”  Susan and her clipped east coast accent spouting off every so often during the workout.  Tony also chirps in a few times with some bullshit about being from Rhode Island or some other insignificant state over there on the east coast.  Heading down to the beach with some “beers” of course non-alcoholic “beers” he says.   Yeah, sounds like fun.  Right up there with poking an eye out with a sharp stick. 

The third time through this workout was no easier than the first time.  There is just a lot of good stuff packed into the 30 minutes, you only get a few easy ones tossed in get your breath back.  Breaks are short (no more than 30 seconds) and if you follow the most extreme version of each move, you are gonna be totally gassed at the end.

I am about ready for a “Recovery week” as the jumping and twisting has my left knee a little swollen and sore. Climbing the steps every morning at work has gotten to be a nice painful wakeup with every other step up. 

Diet: 1,510 Gross Calories,   Net of  578  (The Warrior, Dynamix and Mowing the Lawn)

Nutrition Breakdown: 45% Protein, 41% Fat, 14% Carbs.

Steps: 15,879

Active Minutes: 115

Calories Burned: 3269


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