Day 29 – Upper Eccentric

Starting off Block 2 of the P90X 3 program with Upper Eccentric.  This is an upper body workout that is similar to many of the other Push/Pull routines that the P90X series is noted for.  The difference in this one is that the movements are Eccentric.  Basically you move quickly into the contraction of the muscle and then release slowly back down over a 3 second count.  So push up quickly, then lower back down to the ground slowly.  Pull up quickly and then drop down slowly.   The moves are pretty much all the same stuff you normally do, Standard, Military, Wide and Staggered push-ups, and Pull, Chin, Close, Vaulter, and V Pull-ups.

The Eccentric moves wear out the arms rather quickly so the numbers are no where near as high as The Challenge.  In fact they are set to 10 reps on almost everything.  For me it was not enough for the push-ups and too much for the pull-ups.  I attribute part of this to the fact that I have an in the door pull up bar and although it is sturdy, there is just not much room to the sides or above my head. (I am in a finished basement so the ceiling is a little lower than normal)  I was able to get to 5 on all of the pull-ups but then had to take breaks or use some sort of assistance.  I was able to complete all the push-ups without any breaks.

Diet: I continue to strive to keep the Carbs down to 20% and on a weekly basis during the recovery week I managed to stay at a 39% Protein, 38% Fat, 23% Carbs.   Still a little high on the Carbs, but not to bad.   On the Net Calorie side I am shooting for about 1,560 per day.  I was 1,912 below that for the week, so that is about 275 below per day.  I use MyFitnessPal to track and I am pretty good about entering everything. 


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