Days 30 thru 33

Okay, so I missed updating a few days due to being out of town so it is time to catch up on all the fun and games that are P90X3. 

Day 30 – This was Triometrics!!! First time doing this routine and it is awesome.  It is basically like the plyometrics routine (same types of moves, squats, jumps, lunges, etc..) but with 3 levels of intensity.  So you start off the first 20 seconds of each move at the lowest intensity, (in many cases it is just not reaching all the way to the floor) then the next 20 seconds you step up the intensity, (so all the way down to the floor, a skip instead of a step) and the final 20 seconds are full plyo intensity. (palms to the floor, full jumps between reps, etc..)  Of course we get fricking Dreya Weber in all of her glory for this routine, along with Nate the hippie, surfer dude, airline owning test group survior, and lastly Victor who also showed his mug in Agility X.  I really liked this routine as it kept things moving quickly and was tough, and can be made tougher by increasing the intensity every 20 seconds.

Day 31 – YogaX – Yeah… What else can I say?  I am getting a little better.  That is all.

Day 32 – Eccentric Lower: This is similar to the Eccentric Upper routine, but for the lower body.  So you slowly drop down into squats, lunges and kicks over a 3 second count, and then explode out of the move with force.  Just think of a full routine of Depth Charges from The Warrior workout.  Not a bad workout, and I was pretty whipped after completing it.   Oh yeah, you add a weight to each of the moves as well, so you need to keep track of what you did, so you can add to it next time.  Another good thing about this routine is that it has some newer faces.  Shannon (of the Banana Hammock in Dynamix), JD and Keith who are test group surviors.  Either JD or Keith spend much of the routine grunting like they are about to rut like a mule deer.  I was thinking poor Shannon would end up on the receiving end of a 3 way before the workout ended. 

Day 33 – Incinerator:  This is an upper body routine where you attempt to do each move to the point of failure.  We have several new faces in the crowd here:  Tamara, Blake and Jessica.  This is the first I have seen of these 3 and it is a nice change of pace.  Jessica is a little sketchy as I am not exactly sure what look she is going for.  The Tattoed Gym Teacher look, or the punk rock superstar look.  Either way, she is kind of bad ass.   Blake is a massive dude who apparently got that way from doing round after round of P90X and P90X2.  Apparently this shit works.  And Tamara is your typical workout model for these things.  Ripped from head to toe, just like every other woman you walk past in America.    So Incinerator does not really introduce you to any “new” types of moves, it just basically encourages you to pick a weight that is enough to make you fail at about 10 reps.  It then goes into a second move that targets those same muscles again. (after a quick break to let Tony babble on about shit that no one cares about)



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