Day 34 thru 37

Day 34: MMX – First time doing this workout.  Pretty tough.  Makes the original P90X Kenpo look like riding an eliptical machine for 30 minutes.  One issue with this workout is all of the sprawls.  If you have lower back issues, these things are very painful.  So instead of jumping back into them, I ended up having to step back into them once the pain set in.  Otherwise this is a great workout and you will be sweating at the end of your 30 minutes.

Day 35: Dynamix – Been there done that already.  Great recovery routine.

Day 36: Upper Eccentric – Second time through this.  Increased the weights this time.

Day 37: Triometrix – Second time through this one as well.  This is a killer on the quads. Had to stop several times and shake out the legs as the burning was too much.  Especially on the Warrior 3 Squats.  Holy Crap.

Wednesday Weigh-In:  178.2  Whoo hoo.



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