Days 45 thru 49

So it is getting harder to post each day due to some work issues.   7 weeks have been completed and I am now through Phase 1 and Phase 2 of P90X3.  This coming week is another rest and recovery week and it coincides with Memorial Day weekend nicely.  So I will be out of town for 5 days and will have to take a couple of the recovery week disks with me to stay on track. 

At the halfway point I weighed in at an even 177lbs.  According to my scale the body fat was at 24% so still plenty of ways to go.

I think my favorite routine is the Dynamix at this point.  Simply due to the fact that when Tony asks the question: P90X3 makes you do what?  Shannon replies:  Elongate?  Too damn funny.   But Tony keeps his composure and after a slight pause moves on.  

Shannon also zings Tony during the Side Banana with the whole Banana Hammock thing.  Plus Tony sings the Polka stretch song, and he openly mocks an Olympic athlete because he “Ran for the Queen”.   He also makes fun of the Asian guy several times for making “Hero poses” as he does the workout.  I am surprised he did not mention the guys poor driving skills as well.

Anyways, during the next 6 weeks I still need to drop 12 more pounds to get to the 165 target I set for myself.  That is about 2lbs a week and is going to require a better diet and fewer Margaritas and beers on the weekends.  I will continue to update as frequently has possible, hopefully getting back to daily updates soon.



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