Day 15 – Agility X and Yoga X

April 16, 2014

It was Tuesday (Day 15) I was supposed to do Total Synergistics, but instead did that yesterday when I doubled up.  So for Day 15 I actually did Day 16 and Day 17’s workouts.  First up was Agility X. I was able to keep up with Tony and kids all the way until the very last move, Plyo Line Pushups.  I was gassed and was only able to get through the first 35 seconds of it or so.  Two times down the line and back. Then I just did walking pushups all the way back and forth down the line the rest of the time.  My fear was that if I went down into pushup, that I would not be able to get back up again.

So at this point I was sweating pretty good, after a couple minute cool down it was on to Yoga X.  Being warmed up already was a big help for Yoga X.  I seemed to be a little more stretchy and bendy.  Problem was the sweat was dripping off of me big time, and the Yoga was making in worse.  By the time I was done, my mat looked like swiss cheese with all the drops of sweat all over it.

Diet: 1,678 Gross Calories, Net of 1,078

Nutrition Breakdown: 39% Protein, 49% Fat, 12% Carbs.

Steps: 9,797

Active Minutes: 33

Calories Burned: 2659


Day 9 – Agility X

April 10, 2014

Second time through at full pace for this routine and once again it makes you work.  So I got out my masking tape and put down the railroad tracks and got to work.  You pretty much ease into it with a 3 minute warm up and a couple of early moves that are pretty easy.  By the time you reach the fifth move or so, you realize that you are working up a good sweat.  Starting with Scissor Kick Jumps and all the way to the end of the 30 minutes you are busting butt with very minimal breaks and thank goodness even less Tony talk time.   Tony does have Lauren do her best Beyonce moves during a couple of the routines, but I was working hard so I only glanced up at the TV to see it.  Looked like a drunk housewife staggering around after too many highballs with the pool boy.

Weigh-In:  Forgot to do it, will check in with that today.

Diet: 1,476 gross calories in. Net of 1076.  (I even had a beer, if you can call a Mick Ultra a beer)

Nutrition: 36% Protein, 40% Fat, 24% Carbs (Keepin them carbs down)

Steps: 9,897

Active Minutes: 64

Calories Burned: 2918

Day 2 – Agility X

April 3, 2014

Ok, first thing about Agility X is that you need to get some tape and rip off 2 pieces, each 4 feet long. You then place these strips on the floor parallel to each other (like railroad tracks) anywhere from 3 to 5 feet apart. (I set mine an about 4 (size 8) shoe lengths apart.  Place a little “X” on the top, center and bottom of each “rail” of your tracks.  Make sure there is plenty of space on either side of the train tracks as you will be using about an 8 X 8 foot area for this work out.

Next we meet the kids: Victor, Chris and Lauren.  All new kids!!! Hooray.   If this was a slasher movie, Victor would be first to go, he is the token black guy and would probably get killed off within the first 30 minutes of the movie.  Chris (guy) is a P90X Certified trainer. (Whoop de shit) and last but not least is Lauren.  She is more like a normal workout girl, and is more realistic of a test subject than the hardened gristle that is Dreya Weber.  Plus she proves during the routine that white people really cannot dance.

Warm-Up: Basically the same as Total Synergistics

After the warm-up there is no wasting any time, the routine gets started right away.

Explode and Hold – (A favorite of  muslim radicals) 1 minute of jumping back and forth landing on one foot super skater style.

Y Lunges – Stand in the middle back of your train tracks, lunge with the left leg to the upper left X and back, then with the right leg to the upper right X.

Joel Jumps – Find a hobo named Joel and jump over the top of him.  I used my dog instead as the only hobo I could find was named Roger.

Toe Tap Skater – Like a Super Skater but back, side and then forward.  Back and Side are fine, but the forward one is not a natural movement and I really struggled with it.  You basically do a super skater but reach the leg forward and touch with the heel instead of the toe.

Near and Fars – These are like high stepping routine that Insanity uses, just over the tape lines with high knees.

Ring Around the Rosey – Yeah, just run around for a minute.

Scissor Jump Kicks – Another Insanity move (Switch Kicks) this will wear you out.

8 Sprint 3 – Again, different ways to run around your tape.

Tap that Line – What came instantly to my mind?  That’s right Tony, Tap dat Ass.  Fortunately, this move gets the heart rate going just like Tappin dat Ass. Only it is harder on the legs.

Jump Knee Jumps – Similar to Insanity Jump Knee Tucks.  Another killer minute to push through.

Triangle Lunges – Some lunges to help you recover from the last 4 minutes of hell.

Squat Jump Lunge – Various levels of intensity here, pick your poison.  A squat combined with a jump lunge to the side.

3.4 Run – Think Drills all over again, with Tony barking out stupid orders that are about impossible to follow.

Long Jump Sprints – Do a long jump, then sprint backward to where you started.

Plyo Line Pushups – Walking pushups down the line one way, then plyo pushups on the way back.  A killer way to end the workout.

Overall this is a very nice workout, lots of different things to do.  Most of the focus is on legs but there is  some shoulder, chest and arm stuff in there. The pace is very good, no need to hit fast forward to get past Tony blabbering on and on about some insignificant item or person who works at Beachbody.

I will only mention the Beyoncification of the moves by Lauren during this update.  I will have to go into more detail next week about her dance moves.

Weigh-In: 185.8 so I am calling the official start weight 186.  (rounding, just like my shape)

Diet: 1,388 gross calories in.  Net of 923.  (Polar heart monitor counted 465 calories burnt by Agility X)

Nutrition: 38% Protein, 32% Fat, 30% Carbs  (Keepin the carbs down the first 30 days)

Steps: 11,827

Active Minutes: 65

Calories Burned: 2906