Day 80 – Back and Biceps

February 17, 2010

Oh baby… Day 80 completed.  I can not believe that I am down to 10 days to go.. Whoo Hooo.  So today was Back and Biceps, and like all workouts the last 30 days, I upped the weights or reps on every excercise to maximize as best I could.   Below is a list of the torture that is Back and Biceps, (it is only torture if you force yourself to go to exhaustion on each excercise) if you slack, it is one of the least sweat inducing workouts of the bunch.

  • Wide Grip Pull-Ups  – Max reps
  • Lawnmowers  –  I only have 30lbs dumbells so 15 reps of 30 each arm.
  • Twenty-Ones – 25lbs each arm
  • One-Arm Cross-Body Curls – 25lbs each arm
  • Switch Grip Pull-Ups – Max reps
  • Elbows-Out Lawnmowers – 30lbs each arm
  • Standing Bicep Curls – 25lbs each arm
  • One-Arm Concentration Curls  – 25lbs each arm
  • Corn Cob Pull-Ups – Max reps
  • Reverse Grip Bent Over Rows – 30lbs each arm
  • Open-Arm Curls – 25lbs each arm
  • Static-Arm Curls – 25lbs each arm
  • Towel Pull-Ups – Max reps
  • Congdon Locomotives  – 30lbs 40 reps
  • Crouching Cohen Curls  – 25lbs each arm
  • One-Arm Corkscrew Curls  – 25lbs each arm
  • Chin-Ups – Max Reps
  • Seated Bent-Over Back Flys -20 lbs each arm 
  • Curl-Up/Hammer-Downs – 25lbs each arm
  • Hammer Curls – 25lbs each arm
  • Max Rep Pull-Ups – Max reps
  • Supermans – I suck at these.
  • In-Out Hammer Curls – 25lbs reduced to 20lbs halfway
  • Strip-Set Curls – 25, 20, 15, 10.  
  • I need to get some heavier dumbells if I am going to continue with another round of P90X. 

    Did I say Whoo Hooo 10 days left….


    Day 66 – Back and Biceps

    February 3, 2010

    Back and Biceps is always a good workout.  Little to no cardio work here, just plain old fashioned weightlifting and pull-ups.  Seeing that I am now in the final month of  workouts, I am attempting to really push over the final 30 days.  So I increased the weights on all of the bicep curls while attempting to stay at the same number of reps.   Now all along I have been a 15 rep person, using slightly lighter weights and doing more reps.   So each time I increase the weight, I still stay with the 15 reps, which makes it very tough whenever the weight gets increased.  

    Another thing, I have been using what I felt was 25lb dumbells that were made up of plates and bars.  Basically each dumbell had 4 – 5lb plates and 2  – 2.5lb plates as well as the bar itself and screw on caps.   These things gave me fits curling and lifting, and really seemed heavy.  So I went out and bought some 25lb hex dumbells.  The Hex dumbells feel WAY lighter than the old school plate dumbells.  Not sure why, but I can crank out the reps with the Hex ones way easier… Is it because it is all 1 piece?  Anyway, I really like the single piece hex ones.  I am going to have to go out and buy some 30 and 35’s next.  

    Weights and Measurements:   Well it was a Tuesday, so after the workout it was time for weekly weights and measurements.  Now last Tuesday I had gained over a pound due to my excess buffet visits and binge drinking while cavorting about Sin City.   So I really buckled down on the diet the past week and was hoping for good results on the scale.   Todays weight:  168.7  down 4.6lbs from the 173.3 that I tipped in at last Tuesday evening.   I was hoping for something in the 170 to 171 range, so I was very happy with the number.   Waist measurement was next. Last time it was 34 and an eighth inches.   Today, 33 and three quarters inches.   I take the new measurement and punch it into the calculator along with height and neck measurements….. 16.5% body fat.

    After 66 days here is where I stand.  

    Starting weight: 185,  Current Weight 168.7,  Total Lost = 16.3lbs.  Target Loss = 20lbs.   I still need to lose another 3.7lbs to reach my original goal of 165.   

    Starting waist: 36.5 inches.  Current Waist: 33.75 inches.  Total Lost: 2.75 inches.  Target 32 inches.  I still need to shed another 1.75 inches off the waist.  I have a stubborn layer of lime green and blue raspberry jello that refuses to cooperate with the program.  Not sure I can shed 1.75 inches in 24 more days.

    Last but not least…. Diet.   Now I have been plugging in all of my information into the Daily Plate.  I have dumped all the data into a spreadsheet and created some summary reports off of it.  The one thing that jumped out at me is the percentages for 66 days.   Average for First 30 Days:   Protein 35.45%   Carbs 44.55%  Fat 20%  now I knew I was off the first 30 days compared to the 50/30/20 recommended by Tony and the gang, but I did not get Whey Protein into the act until I was almost 15 days into the program.   So I figured the second 30 days would have a better ratio.  But it was actually slightly worse:  Protein 34.1%  Carbs 43.5%  Fat 22.4%    WHAT THE FUCK!!!!  Now this is closer to the recommended 40/40/20 ratio but how the hell could I be lower on Protein than I was the first 30 days.  After all I am now choking down that god awful Whey Protein (2.5 scoops a frickin day).   

    Now I am into the final 30 days of the diet and it is supposed to be Protein 20%,  Carbs 60% and Fat 20%.   But I am still trying to strip off these last layers of Jello.  Should I stick with the Higher protein and Lower Carbs?  Or follow the suggested diet?   So far I have been shooting for the 40/40/20 ratio, and have actually been averaging 35/45/20 according to the Daily Plate.   Needless to say, the workouts are by far the EASIEST part of this program.  The diet is way HARDER and takes a much bigger toll on you mentally than the workouts.    I have always just ate whatever I wanted, so this whole 90 day shitfest has not been pleasant as far as that goes.

    Wow a 700 word blog entry.  Time to shut up.

    Day 58 – Back and Biceps???

    January 27, 2010

    Back and Biceps… What the??? Oh yeah, I accidentally did the wrong work out a couple weeks ago and now I need to make up for the Back and Biceps that I missed.   Good thing I was the Designated Driver last night, otherwise I never would have remembered that.  I felt fine after waking up, so I headed right down to the fitness center for a round of Back and Biceps with the peeps. 

    This workout is pretty uneventful, increase some weights and added more to the strip set.   Last full day in Vegas so I really am just looking foward to getting out and hitting the tables.   Once I get cleaned up and head down to breakfast, …. OK, maybe more like late Brunch, it is off to the tables.   I start the day with a nice quick win at the Craps tables before getting pulled away to take care of some loose ends on our last day here.  

    The last day always seems to zoom by and this one is no different.  The next thing you know it is 3:00am and you are thinking…. I have a 9:00am flight, should I go to bed or just pull an all nighter?   Usually this is a simple answer, pull the all nighter and sleep on the plane. But this trip my luck has turned sour the last half of the last day and I am shredding through my previous days winnings at an alarming rate.   What was looking like a nice winning trip is starting to look like a breakeven proposition.   I decide not to tap into any of my own money and just head to bed.  The wife has been winning today so let her make some money.  

    Another Vegas trip is coming to a close….

    Day 45 – Halfway Home

    January 13, 2010

    Today was a Back and Biceps day, and it felt kind of strange to me seeing that I completely screwed up and did the Shoulders and Arms DVD last week.   Back and Biceps is really probably one of the easiest of the workouts in terms of cardio work.  But the old biceps are a burnin in just about every move.   I have been using 25 and 20 lb dumbells for all of the curls, but usually do 12 to 15 reps.    I think I would prefer to add weight and do less reps, but I don’t have any bigger dumbells right now, and I really don’t feel like dropping $50 or so on a set of 30lb hexs. 

    With it being the halfway point in the 90 day transformation, I thought it would be a good time to weigh in and take some measurements.   I have really been keeping the calories down, and have stuck to the 40/40/20 diet in phase II.  I have actually been more like 45/45/10.   On to the measurments.

    Weight:  174  –  That is a loss of 11 pounds since Day 1.

    Waist: 34″  –  That is a loss of 2 inches since Day 1.

    Body Fat:  17.5%  – That is a drop of 4% since Day 1.

    I seem to be on a good pace for my target weight of 165 and a waist of 32″ by the end of the 90 days.    Those measurements would put me at about 13% body fat.  According to most people, that is not low enough for 6-pack abs, but I think if I got much lower than that I would look like a scarecrow.  Another layer of the jello appears to have been taken off, but there are still a few more layers to go.

    15 more days before the next set of comparision pictures.  I have a 4 day trip to Vegas before that, so I could balloon back up into blimpie boy if I am not careful.   Stay away from the Buffet, Stay away from the Buffet, Stay away from the Buffet.   That is going to be my theme song as I am tossing the bones on the craps tables and hangin with all my 3 pack a day chinese friends at the Pai Gow and Baccarrat tables.   Drinking, Gambling, Showgirls, and Sex.  Sounds like the title for my next blog.

    Day 38 – Back and Biceps???

    January 6, 2010

    Oh shit, I think my mind has turned to mush from so much P90X.  For some reason I put in the Shoulders and Arms disk and started knocking out the workout as if it was the correct one for Day 38.   About two thirds of the way through I am writing down my results (just like Tony DEMANDS that I do) when I notice Week 9 at the top of the column.  I think to myself, huh… I am only in Week 6, this tally sheet must be wrong.  So I continue through to the end and I am real proud of myself for upping the weights/reps on almost all of the excercises, so I start keying them into the spreadsheet when I notice Week 9 at the top of the column.  What the Fuck!!! I click on the tab marked Schedule and there it is just as plain as day.  Tuesday, Jan 5th – Back and Biceps.   Awww damn.  I did the wrong workout.   I guess that when Week 9 rolls around, that I will end up doing Back and Biceps that week instead of Shoulders and Arms.  Like Tony says, improvise, change it up, you don’t have to follow us exactly.  So I won’t. 

    Diet… Lets spend a little time going back over this little item.   I continue to plug along at 43% Protein, 42%Carbs and 15% Fat.   Looking back over the past 38 days, I have pretty much averaged out to 40/40/20 and was supposed to be 50/30/20 for the first 30 days, followed by 40/40/20 from then til now.   I think I have been to worried about the fat content of food instead of looking at the carbs.

    Example:  I changed my breakfast up, and I am now eating cereal, OJ, and Whey Protein.   This puts me at 750 calories and a breakdown of 53% Carbs, 44% Protein, and 3% fat.  Now I have cut the fat way back, but let the carbs get to high.  The rest of the day I spend my time focusing on eating protein and as few of carbs as possible.  The cereal is high in sugar as well.  (Frosted Flakes or Fruity Pebbles, after all I am still just a kid on the inside)    I think I need to change this up some.  Our work cafeteria has scrambled eggs and even scrambled egg beaters available most mornings.  The eggs are high in protein and fat, but no carbs.    Maybe I should substitute the scrambled eggs for the cereal.  This will drive down the carbs but increase the fat..  Any idea which way is better? 

    Off to Google I go.  Well guess what, no one can really answer which way is better.  They are both kind of important.   I want to try to get to 50/30/20 for the remainder of this 30 days, so I think I am going to switch the cereal for eggs.   On the good side, I have averaged 2100 total calories per day, and only 1600 net calories per day.   So I am losing the weight at a nice steady pace, but I would like to see more of the Jello come off prior to day 60 showing up.

    Day 31 – Back and Biceps

    December 30, 2009

    Day 31 brings a new workout into the fold, Back and Biceps.  This is some serious weightlifting if you want to load up on the weights.  The workout has more curls than Micheal Jackson’s Afro in the 70’s, and that my friend… is a lot of curls. 

    Outside of the warmup, there really is no cardio in this workout, and once you understand all of the moves, you can probably cut the time down from an hour to about 40 minutes to do the entire workout.  Of course Ab-Ripper follows, so you will get your daily dose of profuse sweating, and it does tack on another 16 minutes of time. 

    Because I had not done this workout before, I did all the curls with 15lb hex weights.  I ended up doing 15 reps of everything cause it was too light.   I will move to 20’s next week and cut down to 10 reps, but I really need to get the 25lb weights and just do 8.  Got to get out and get those things purchased.   Yoga tomorrow.  My hatred of this workout has diminished some, and I intend to get through it without yelling at the TV or giving Tony the finger.