Insanity – Day 63 – Max Cardio and Cardio Abs

June 1, 2010

At long last, the final workout of the Insanity series.

I can hardly remember the workout because the entire time I just kept thinking.  “Last Workout, Last Workout, Last Workout”.    When the Max Cardio DVD ended, I thought YES I am DONE!!! Then I remembered that I still needed to do the Cardio Abs DVD.   That was not so bad, 17 minutes of additional sweating before officially ending the program.

All that is left now is the Fit Test, I am planning on taking that on Memorial Day.


Insanity – Day 60 – Max Cardio and Cardio Abs

May 26, 2010

Wow,  Day 60.   With only 3 remaining workouts, I have to do each of the max DVD’s 1 more time.  Max Interval Circuit, Max Interval Plyo, and Max Cardio Conditioning.   Finish that off with the final Fit Test and call  it done.

Cardio Abs after doing Max Cardio is really overkill in my opinion.  Yeah the Cardio Conditioning DVD is only 47 minutes, but throwing another 16 minutes of ab work on top of it is just killer.  

3 more workouts to go…. Then the FINAL Fit Test.

Insanity – Day 48 – Max Cardio and Cardio Abs

May 12, 2010

Let me be the first to say, the dude with the baby blue headband that they show at the beginning of the workout looks like a complete tool.  That fricking headband is so thick, it looks like he took a couple of Maxi-Pads with wings, and wrapped them around his head.   I wasn’t sure if it was a sweatband, or a set of ear warmers for skiiing.

And what is with the lame ass 1-2-3 Insanity chant at the start of this video?  The only one cheering is Shaun T, the rest have a confused look on their face like, “what the fuck, is the camera on yet?”    Another thing, now that the MAX workouts have been going on for about 10 workouts or so, I must confess that I really cannot stand looking at the one new chick who is all muscular.  They continually show her, and her upper chest (no boobs here) is always bright red like she has just finished whipping herself.    She kind of reminds me of the Troll that works out with Tony Horton in one of the P90X videos, the one where he says, you did the test program with your daughter, and instantly my mind seized up wondering just how ugly the offspring of that troll had to look like.

Anyways, back to the new muscular chick, when the camera comes on her, she just busts ass for however long Shaun is there, but then slows way the hell down once he leaves.   Drives me nuts when they do that, cause I start haulin ass to keep up with them, then Shaun jumps over to some new idiot and that person starts busting ass and I try to keep up with them.  It is a vicious circle of death!!!

Well Max Cardio is my favorite of the Max workouts simply because it is the shortest.  But then they went and threw in the damn Cardio Abs along with it this week.   So my ass is draggin by the time I finish Cardio Conditioning and the next thing you know, Cardio Abs.    Well I wish I could say that I simply busted right through it just as easy as can be, but that would be an enormous LIE.  I bitched and moaned at the TV the entire time and by the end was reduced to a quivering heap of trash lying on the basement floor. 

I have 1 more workout and a rest day before the next Fit Test.  I am really looking forward to the Fit Test cause I think I should be able to whip Chris’s ass in everything, and Tania the cheaters ass in everything that she reports correctly.  We shall see.

Insanity – Day 27 – Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs

April 19, 2010

Today is the day, thats right, today is the day that I get all the way through Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs without taking any extra breaks.   That was the plan, and I was damn sure sticking with it.

As usual, the warm-up and stretching sections were no problem, but I needed a plan to get through the workout section.  And that plan was to switch the order of the excercises when I got to Level 2 drills.   When the Level 2 drills started, I did Frog Jumps instead, and then when the DVD started into the Frog Jumps, I did Level 2 drills instead.  I was able to push through and finish all 15 excercises without a break while matching Shaun T and the kids intensity level.  (no I am not talking about the intensity level of the skinny little crack ho who says  “I wanna leave”) 

I could not believe that I actually made it through, but once I got down to the last 3 excercises, I said there is no damn way I am getting this close and stopping now.   So I pushed through and then collapsed in a heap on the floor.   Of course once the cool down stretch was finished, I put int he cardio abs DVD and told myself that I would get through that little slice of hell without stopping as well.

Much like Tania the hot little cupcake, I failed miserably in the two leg in and up section.  I had to take some breaks cause that is just CRAZY hard.  I managed to do all the other excercises without stopping.   I am finally getting to the point where I can push through all the way on each day.  Of course that must mean it is time to change it up.  Next week starts “Recovery Week” and 5 days of Core Cardio and Balance.  Then the real workouts begin with MAX everything.   I hope I can make it through those by the end of day 60.

Insanity – Day 22 – Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs

April 12, 2010

This is becoming the one Insanity workout that I don’t like to do.   It is not so much that I dislike the Pure Cardio, or even the Cardio Abs….  It is doing one right after the other that grinds me.   One of the things I really like about Insanity is that it takes far less than a hour to complete.  But doing these 2 workouts back to back takes about an hour.  

Well I was able to trick the body into getting past Frog Jumps by swapping the order with Level 2 Drills.   I did the Frog Jumps while Shaun was doing Level 2 drills, then did the Level 2 Drills while they were all Frog Hopping.    That was the key!!   I was able to get all the way through to the Suicide Jumps without taking a break.  (I only took a 10 second break in the Suicide jumps)   Not sure if it was all mental or something physical, but by switching the 2 excercises order, I was able to get farther into the workout before needing a break.

Cardio Abs:  This went much better today than it had the previous 2 times.  Maybe my body is getting used to the excercises.  I know that seemed to be the case with the Ab-Ripper X stuff in P90X.  After a while I just turned into a robot doing the routine because we did it so often.   Based on the schedule for Insanity, I see Cardio Abs on the list only 5 more times.  Once more before the Recovery Week, and then 4 more times during the MAX sessions.   I CANNOT imagine doing this after doing a MAX insanity session.

Insanity – Day 17 – Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs

April 7, 2010

Ok, who in their right fricking mind attempts to do 17 minutes of cardio abs immediately after having their ass handed to them in Pure Cardio…. Me that is who.   What a bunch of horseshit that ended up being.   I’d like to kick Shaun T right in his T-Bag for coming up with that idea. 

First the Pure Cardio was once again, pure hell.  I get to Frog Jumps and then shit the bed every time.  I figured out why, because the excercise right BEFORE Frog Jumps is Level 2 drills.   Down, 8 Push-Ups, 8 Run in place in the plank postion, bring feet to hands, jump up reaching for the sky.  Then back down and do it all again.   I always manage to get through the Level 2 drills, but I get so damn gassed, that the Frog Jumps seem hard.   So next time I do this workout, when the Level 2 drills show up, I am doing Froggy Jumps during that minute, then doing the Level 2 drills while Shaun and crew are Frog Jumping their asses across the screen.

Another thing, I completely drench a t-shirt as well as a towel with sweat while doing this workout.   I usually get to the Frog Jump level before I notice that I am roasting to death in a completely soaked T-shirt.  I strip it off during my 10 to 15 second break and usually continue on til the end.  Maybe next time I will do the workout shirtless.  Pretty scary thought, good thing there are no mirrors in my basement.

Last but not least, what in the flying fuchstein is Shaun thinking by making me do Cardio abs right after Pure Cardio.  Sure we get a 4 and a half minute cool down at the end of Pure Cardio, followed by the minute to switch out DVD’s.  Then it is right into Cardio Abs.  Start jumping up and down like a damn Mexican jumping bean.  Then it is on the C sit position,  (Shaun says there are no sit-ups or crunches in this workout)  well who gives a crap.  The C-Sit position hurts the living hell out of my lower back.   But I press on anyways.  Me and Tonia both give out during the 2 legged in and up excercise and she has Shaun fondling her the whole time. (but still quits anyways)  

Enough ranting…. Cardio Recovery is tomorrow.  (Or as I like to call it, douse your thighs in gasoline and light a match workout)