Insanity – Day 23 – Cardio Power and Resistance

April 13, 2010

Well, I was not really in the mood to workout due to the fact that:

A:  I had to mow the lawn when I got home from work.  (Takes a little over an hour with my push mower)

B:  I then had to pitch batting practice to 11 players, each player gets a five gallon bucket of balls to hit (about 75 pitches) so a total of  825 pitches.

C. Then I had to fix the grill so I could cook dinner.  (Gas regulator needed to be replaced, so it was 8pm before I got dinner)

D. My back was then sore from pitching and my knee was starting to swell up. (Plant leg for pitching)

E. Cardio Power and Resistance started at 9:30pm and is loaded with Power Jumps and lots of hops.

As usual, my legs always ache during the first run through of the warm up, but by the second pass they usually start feeling better.  Not this time, it was well into the third round of the warmup before the pain had subsided and I was feeling better.   Into the stretch we went, and that set off a whole new set of aches and pains.  It REALLY sucks being 43 years old!!!  The joints and tendons just don’t recover like the used to.

Anyways, what does the Cardio Power and Resistance workout start out with???  Flipping Power Jumps (or Jump Knee Tucks as that dipshit Tony Horton called them)  What a way to take a knee that was feeling a little bit tender from planting 800 or more times while pitching batting practice, and make it hurt like a son of a bitch.   The screen says “Land Softly”  well no shit dude,  but even so I can feel the pain building up, and the range of motion getting worse as the fluid builds up in there.   Of course each subsequent round leads to further pounding, (I do kind of cheat and land on the other leg a little bit more than the left one) but that only prolongs the pain. 

Eventually we get past the first session and the Power Jumps are finished.  Thank God.    Session two:   Hurdle Jumps are OK,  Globe Jumps:  Aww Damn I hate these fricking things,  Moving Pushups are good,  Floor Sprints are OK.   Repeat that for 3 rounds.  Anyone else notice that just prior to round 2 of this session is when Shaun lets out that fantastic,  “Come on ya allllll, let’s goooooo” that they use at the start of each of the DVD’s?  Classic.

The workout is finished off with a full minute of 8 Hop Squats/ 8 Push-ups.  Then you either pass out, or simply crawl into the fetal position and sweat to death.  Either way, the workout is now complete.  A few minutes of cool down stretching and it is time for the showers.


Insanity – Day 19 Cardio Power and Resistance

April 9, 2010

I like doing the Cardio Power and resistance workout more than some of the other workouts.  Not real sure why cause it kicks my butt.   Maybe it is due to the fact that Shaun T spends a little time fondling someone other than Tania in this DVD.   I think her name is Adriean or something like that.  Who really cares?  She is working out hard and Shaun comes over and starts poking and proding at her like some damn slab of meat.  Makes me smile every time.

Another thing I noticed about this workout.  Most of the guys are located in the BACK of the room away from the cameras.  Yes Shaun T is front and center, and that little cupcake Tonia is right behind him along with some token black dude.  (again, if this were a slasher movie, that guy would be the first to go)   But then there is an ENTIRE row of hotties that separate Shaun from the rest of the sausages.   Our boy Shaun T is no fool…. Keep a curtain of hotties between you and the other guys, that way from the front when you watch the video, it looks like Shaun is surrounded with chicks.

So far I have been sticking to the Low-Carb diet.  Chicken, Chicken and more Chicken.  Throw in some eggs and cottage cheese, maybe an occasional salad and you have a recipe for Suicide.   I told myself I was going to do the low-carb thing for the month of April.  3 more weeks to go.

Insanity – Day 12 – Cardio Power and Resistance

March 19, 2010

After yesterdays drunken fiasco known as Irish Cardio Recovery, I figured that Cardio Power and Resistance may cause me some issues as well.  Somehow my left knee has gotten progressively more and more swollen up, and my body was still not feeling 100% after downing too many beers the evening before. 

The first few minutes of the warmup were more painful than usual, my calfs were really tired and I was putting more stress on the right side trying to compensate for the sore left knee.   After the second round of the warm up, I was starting to feel much better and the soreness was leaving the legs and knees.   By the time the stretching rolled around, I was feeling pretty good.  

The first session of the workout consists of  Power Jumps, Belt Kicks, Touch the Floor and V-Push Ups.  The first two of these are not really knee friendly, but I was able to get through them with only some minor pain.  The V-Push ups are great and I did 10 first round, 15 second round and managed 20 on the third round.   After the third round, you are basically dripping in sweat and are numb to any pain.

The second session consists of Hurdle Jumps, Globe Jumps, Walking Push-ups and Floor sprints.  These were much easier on the knees and for the first time was able to get through both sessions without taking any extra breaks.   One more session to go before a rest day, and then the 2nd fit test.  I feel like I should be able to improve on the numbers in all of the tests.

Insanity Day 8 – Cardio Power and Resistance

March 15, 2010

Todays version of Cardio Power and Resistance went very well.  I was able to keep up with Shaun and crew well into the second round of the actual workout.   That was much better than the first time though this DVD so I am getting better at the Cardio portion of this stuff.  The push-ups and lunges are really no problem yet, the P90X has done a very good job of getting me ready for any resistance type training.

Today was my scheduled weigh-in day.  I was expecting things to be not so good, as I did not follow the diet very well during the first week.  I kept the calories down to about 2000 net calories per day, but the percentages of Protein, Carbs and Fat were not real good.   31% Protein, 48% Carbs and 21% Fat.    I think someone told me the Insanity Diet is about 40/40/20.    So I was expecting to be a little heavier this week, but much to my surpise, I was 1 lb lighter than the previous week.  I am now at 164.7 Lbs, down from an original starting weight of 186 on Nov. 27th 2009. 

In order to get to the 10% body fat required for 6-Pack Abs I will probably need to get down to 160lbs or so.  Either that, or I am going to have to go back on a low Carb diet for 30 days to get the last layer of Jello melted off the lower abdomen.

Insanity – Day 3 Cardio Power and Resistance

March 10, 2010

After completing the Plyo Cardio Circuit on day 2, I was looking forward to day 3 and Cardio Power and Resistance.  My legs were a little sore after day 2, but for the most part I was  feeling much better than after the first day of P90X.   Cardio Power and Resistance is less than 40 minutes in length, whoo hooo.  But it packs a heck of a workout into those 40 minutes of time.   Here is a quick review.

This DVD starts out with a warmup that is very similar to the Plyometric Cardio Circuit.    There are seven excercises that you do for 30 seconds each with no break in between.  They include:  Jog in place, Power Jacks, Log Jumps,  1-2-3 Heismans, Butt Kicks, High Knees, and Vertical Jumps.  After your 3 minutes and 30 seconds of solid effort, you get to start all over again.  Now you repeat that sequence at a higher intensity level.  After your second 3 minutes and 30 seconds you get NO REST, and you finish the warmup by repeating the entire sequence one more time, but at a crazy fast pace that nearly kills you.   Did you survive?  Good, now you get a HUGE 15 second break and it is time to move into stretching. 

You spend the next 6 or 7 minutes doing various stretches (mostly leg, hip flexor, and quad stuff) and pushing your heart back down your throat to where it belongs.    Now it is on to the actual workout….

You start with Power Jumps (bascially jump knee tucks from P90X) for 30 seconds,  then it is on to Belt Kicks for 30 seconds (I thought these would be easier, but by the time the 3rd round showed up, I hated these things)  after the Belt Kicks you move on to Hit The Floor for 30 seconds (lunge down and touch the floor with opposite hand, return to standing, then lunge the other way and touch the floor)  and finally you wrap it up with V-Push Ups  (I think these were called Pike Presses in P90X)  basically stick your ass up in the air, turn your hands in towards each other, get up on your toes and do push-ups that way.   (These things work the shoulders and upper arms like crazy) 

I would love to say that I easily powered thru all 3 sets of these at a faster pace each time… but I would be lieing.   I ended up having to take rests during the V-Push Ups after doing about 10 of them in each round.   I did increase the pace each time, but after about 1o of the push ups, my head was spinning a little.

Now you get your 60 second break before we move on to the second half of the workout.  You start with Hurdle Jumps (run in place, and then jump over an imaginary side hurdle),  these are not too bad.  After 30 seconds it is right into Globe Jumps (these are in the fit test) Bend down, jump Right, bend down, jump back, bend down, jump left, bend down jump forward. You have completed 1 globe jump.  Continue for 30 seconds or until you no longer want to travel around the world.   After this you hit the floor for Moving Push-Ups  (P90X called these Side-To-Side Push-ups)   so you get a little break from the cardio, but your heart is pounding so hard and you are breathing so hard that it is tough to do push-ups.  (these are easier than the V-Push-Ups)  Last but not least it is Floor Sprints.  Stay on the floor, get in plank position, and pump your feet like you are running.   Once you finish your 30 seconds… it is break time. 

Now on the last of the 3 rounds in the second half of the workout, Shaun sticks in an extra fun item at the end that you do for an entire minute.  8 Hop Squats/8 Push-ups.   Like the name says, you do 8 hop squats, then fall to the floor for 8 pushups.  Then jump to your feet for 8 hop squats, then back down for 8 push-ups.  Needless to say, after about 2 times through this you are ready to die, but you still have 40 seconds to go.   I think I collapsed at about the 25 second remaining mark and simply laid in my pool of sweat staring at the TV in disbelief.

There was a cool down stretching period, but I don’t remember much of it, as I was attempting pick my lungs up off of the floor and stuff them back down my throat.   I am looking forward to tomorrows Cardio Recovery as it implies that you are recovering and therefore not killing yourself.