Insanity – Day 26 – Cardio Recovery

April 16, 2010

Cardio recovery day.  Nothing exciting to report here.  Just a strong burning sensation in the thigh and calf area during lunge and squat pulses.

I have been following the Insanity workout schedule pretty much exactly as laid out from day to day.  The diet on the other hand has been the p90X first 30 days diet.  Fat Shredder or 50% Protein, 30% Carbs and 20% Fat.  I have been diligently tracking every last little thing that I eat via The Daily Plate on  I must say that the Daily Plate is pretty easy to use once you get a few days of stuff loaded into it.   When you are on a low-carb diet like this, you pretty much eat the same stuff over and over.  Chicken, eggs, Chicken, eggs, Steak, Chicken, eggs, Ham, chicken, eggs. 

You got it…. Lots of Chicken, Eggs, Whey Protein (so I don’t have to eat as much Chicken) and basically any other type of meat.   What I don’t get to eat right now is  Bread, Cereal, Orange Juice, Tortillas.    Now when I first did the P90X, I did not strictly follow the diet and I feel that I did not get all of the results I could have if I had.  I ended up with a 4-pack of abs, but the lower abs still had a slight layer of jello over the top.   I have been on this Low-Carb diet for 15 days now and have stayed true to the 50/30/20 ratios.  I notice that the layer of jello is slowly but surely evaporating, and in another 15 days, I expect it to be pretty much gone.

At that point, I think I am going to switch to a more balanced 40/40/20 ratio for the remaining 30 days of Insanity, and will probably incorporate the Insanity Sports and Weight Lifting Bonus DVD’s into the workout, instead of just all cardio.  

It is Pure Cardio plus Cardio Abs today.  I am going to get through all of this without stopping….. some day.


Insanity – Day 18 – Cardio Recovery

April 8, 2010

Ahh yes, the joy of having your thighs burning as if there were glowing hot coals sitting on them.  I had forgotten how that felt until doing the Cardio Recovery workout.   The recovery workout felt great besides that little bout of deep muscle work as Shaun T likes to call it.   You work  up just a nice little sweat, nothing like the buckets that pour down during Plyo Cardio Circuit or Pure Cardio.

Watching the DVD a little closer, I really think that the women in the video are in way better shape than most of the guys.  Shaun T included.   He is always taking breaks and talking in the third person like “Shaun T is tired now” and “Shaun T is talkin spit”.  Shut your piehole and do the workout, Shaun.  Otherwise Beachbody is gonna turn you into the next Tony Horton, and the world already has enough douchebags to go around.

Back to Cardio Power and Resistance tomorrow.

Insanity – Day 19 – Cardio Recovery

March 26, 2010

Seeing that I am going on a vaction Skiing in Colorado in 2 days, recovery is just what the doctor ordered.  Gives my body a chance to heal up before I punish it with 4 straight days of downhill thrashing.   Because I only ski a couple of times a year, my legs usually get pretty sore after the first day or two.  It will be interesting to see how I feel this year seeing that I have completed the P90X workout and will have 20 days of the Insanity workout under my belt before I hit the slopes.   I have the Insanity workouts on my Ipod, so if I have any energy left in the evenings I will be doing the workouts as well. 

When I get back from Vacation, the Insanity schedule is set for Recovery Week.   It looks like Core Cardio and Recovery for 5 straight days.   That is followed by the final 4 weeks of the workout at MAX level… yikes.   I am planning on going more towards a low-carb diet the final 4 weeks.  (currently I have been keeping at a 45% Carbs, 35%Protein and 20% fat ratio)   By sticking to a “real” low carb diet for 4 weeks (50%Protein, 30%Carbs and 20% fat) combined with Insanity Max workouts should lead to six pack city.  I have been stuck on a 4-pack since finishing P90X, and my diet has kind of been a little more Hot Wings with beer instead of Grilled Chicken Breast with skim milk.  

Anyways, it is off to the slopes….

Insanity – Day 11 – Irish Cardio Recovery

March 18, 2010

Ahhh Cardio Recovery day…. Should be a nice easy workout and stretch, except if you have finished off a half dozen pints at the local watering hole in celebration of St. Patricks day.   For some reason, a little late night workout sounded like a good idea to someone who had just consumed large amounts of Green Beer and Buffalo Wings.   Needless to say my form was not very good, and falling over during the yoga portions was a little painful.   The burning in my legs was matched only by the burning of the hot wings in my gut.   Amazing how your sweat smells more like grain alcohol after you have downed a bunch of beer before working out.   The dog ended up getting drunk after licking my face when I passed out on the floor. 

Wonder how I will feel later on today when I get into Cardio Power and Resistance.   It should be easier to finish without the room spinning around.

Insanity – Day 4 Cardio Recovery

March 11, 2010

I  was hoping for a break from the pounding that Insanity puts on you when I saw Cardio Recovery on the schedule.  Much to my relief, it is exactly that, a good recovery from the crazy pace that the first 3 days put on.   This DVD starts out with a much shorter and easier warmup than the other Insanity workouts.    It then goes into what Shaun says is Deep Muscle moves.   Basically light a match and start your legs on fire for the next few moves.  They include wide squats (you do 16 deep squats, that is no problem) and then you do 16 pulses from the deep squat position and then hold the deep squat position for what seems like 20 minutes but is probably only a minute or so.   Your legs are screaming at you to stand up you fricking idiot your killing me!!!  But you press on until Shaun says OK.   Repeat that sequence but with lunges to the right and left.

Next is is Plie Yoga Stretches.  These are just real nice and easy stretches that work the hip flexors.   Then you hit the floor for some quad and butt excercises that are done from the plank position.   Again nothing that is too hard to complete in this area, just a good stretch and workout.  Then you finish up with some Yoga postures that are not anything as difficult as Yoga X.   This was a great way to give the body a rest after the first couple of days of Insanity.  My guess is that I am gonna pay for it the next couple of days with Pure Cardio and the second run through of Plyo Cardio Circuit.  

I notice that I have been really hungry for Carbs since starting this workout.  I am eating cereal like crazy.  Well I just read an article about how you should NOT eat so many refined grains.  Damn!!  I am gonna have to find something else to scarf down instead.  Seems I should be eating more fats/proteins instead of carbs  (I have been staying at about 40% protein, 40% Carbs and 20% fats).    Some suggest that it should be 40%Protein, 40%Fats, 20%Carbs.   Bring on the bacon and eggs baby!!!!