Day 71 – Chest and Back (Last Time)

February 8, 2010

Well today was the last time that I will do Chest and Back for this round of P90X.   Kind of a sad day when you realize you won’t see Tony and friends anymore… NOT!! 

Here is where I finished up on some of the excercises.  I use the bands so Pull-ups are always 25 reps with all 3 bands, stretched as far as I can get them.

  • 60 Standard Push-Ups  (30 each set)
  • 50 Wide Front Pull-Ups (Bands)
  • 60 Military Push-Ups  (30 each set)
  • 50 Reverse Grip Chin-Ups (Bands)
  • 60 Wide Fly Push-Ups (30 each set)
  • 50 Closed Grip Overhand Pull-ups (Bands)
  • 35 Decline Push-Ups (20 first set, 15 second set)
  • 30 Heavy Pants (15 each set using two 30-pound dumbbells)
  • 30 Diamond Push-Ups (15 each set)
  • 30 Lawnmowers (15 each set using 30-pound dumbells)
  • 22 Dive Bomber Push-Ups (12 first set, 10 second set)
  • 30 Back Flys (15 per set, using 25-pound dumbbells)
  • That compares to these numbers the first week.

  • 20 Standard Push-Ups  (14 first set, 6 second set)
  • 20 Wide Front Pull-Ups (Bands)
  • 20 Military Push-Ups  (15 first set, 5 second set)
  • 20 Reverse Grip Chin-Ups (Bands)
  • 18 Wide Fly Push-Ups (12 first set, 6 second set)
  • 20 Closed Grip Overhand Pull-ups (Bands)
  • 15 Decline Push-Ups (10 first set, 5 second set)
  • 30 Heavy Pants (15 each set using two 15-pound dumbbells)
  • 10 Diamond Push-Ups (7 first set, 3 second set)
  • 30 Lawnmowers (15 each set using 15-pound dumbells)
  • 6  Dive Bomber Push-Ups (4 first set, 2 second set)
  • 30 Back Flys (15 per set, using 10-pound dumbbells)
  • A pretty steady improvement.  I can do way more pushups than 30 on the first sets, but then I am too tired to get anything out of the second round, so I do as Tony suggests…. Pace yourself.   Due to the way that my house is laid out, I do not have anyplace for a real chin-up bar.  So I use the bands.    I did jump up on a chin-up bar at a friends place the other day and was able to crank out 15 chin-ups,  after that I did 6 of the corncob chin-ups as well.  The real chin-ups are much harder than the bands, but I have to stick with what I have.   There seems to be much more rest time using the chin-up bar as you cannot go til the time runs out, with the bands, I basically do them until the time runs out and then run to the next excercise.  No recovery time. 

    If I do the P90X again (or some hybrid that contains it) I will probably install a chin-up bar in the garage, but that only works for spring/summer/fall months.  It is too cold and nasty out there for winter workouts.  

    19 days to go….


    Day 56 – Chest and Back Vegas Style

    January 27, 2010

    Well I woke up nice and early (7:00am Vegas Time, not bad seeing that I got to bed around 3:30am)  of course it was early in Vegas, but back home it was 10:00am already.   I got into my shorts and t-shirt and headed down to the fitness center.  Needless to say, not many people come to Vegas to get in shape, and the place was pretty empty.  Maybe 6 or 7 people total.  

    I had converted my P90X disks into iPod playable movies and so I simply strapped on the Nano and pressed play.  I am sure I looked like a complete idiot doing my Tony warm up and stretches in the tiny section of the room that had an open floor.  Everyone else simply came in the door and started with the weights or treadmills right away, no warm up.   But I continued on like  the good P90X soldier that I am.   Then it was on to push ups, again I was the only person doing any of those, then pull-ups, again the only person using that stuff. 

    I do not have a pull-up bar at home and use the bands (3 actually) and I have to say that the actual pull-ups are much harder, but I think you really suffer with the form.   I did 12 on the first set.  I had not tried any since the fit test and I think I managed 5 then.   So that was a big improvement.    They did not have a regular straight chin-up bar at this place, but some stand with a bunch of funky hand positions that sucked.  I think I could do more with just a standard old bar. 

    Anyways, I plowed through the entire workout and then on to the ab-ripper.  The one thing I noticed was that plenty of people had already come to workout and left while I was still sweating away in my little corner of the gym.   I think this workout may take an hour and 15 minutes total.  It amazed me how many people came down and did stuff for maybe 25 minutes and called it done.   (of course they had no warm up or cool down, and hardly anyone got down on the floor for ab work)  I think the structure of following the DVD’s makes these workouts a ton more effective, as most people just seemed to go through the motions and not really try to push themselves at all.

    Once the workout was done, I headed back to the room, showered and went to breakfast.  After that I headed to the tables for an hour or so before everyone else was finally ready for the day.  Getting up early to get the workout in felt great, but I had this feeling it was gonna cost me dearly that night at 3:00am when everyone else is going strong. 

    The weather in Vegas was sunny and mid-fifties, so to us it was like spring.  Spent some time walking around outside in the afternoon and had a nice dinner that evening.  Went to a show and then…. off to the tables.   (We generally don’t even start gambleing until a little before midnight)     Had another OK night, made some money, but just could not get on that hot streak needed to really make some serious money.   I could not complain though, as I was up again for the day.

    Day 14 – Rest?? Chest and Back

    December 14, 2009

    Today was supposed to be my rest day, but I have a hockey game tomorrow night and doing both a P90X workout and playing hockey the same night has been a bit to much.   So instead of resting, I decided to move my Chest and Back workout up to today. 

    I was able to increase the reps and/or weights on each of the excercises.  I am up to 12 each on all of the push-ups (both sets) and increased the weight to 20lbs (biggest dumbells I have) on all weight based exercises.   The diamond and divebombers are still very hard to make all the reps, I have to stop several times to rest on the divebombers but eventually get them done.   The diamond ones bother my wrists, but I have been able to get through them OK.

    Ab-Ripper gets better each time I do it.  Only the pulse-ups give me problems, as they kill my back.  I can do 45 of the Mason twists at the end, and do not have to pause the DVD for any of the excercises except the Pulse-ups.  

    I will make Sunday my rest day and play hockey on Sunday night, so it won’t really be a complete rest day.  I am hoping that I will have more energy to skate that usual, as I usually play hockey the same night as I do Chest and Back, or Legs and Back.

    Day 8 – Chest and Back II

    December 7, 2009

    Second time through the Chest and Back routine and I was able to increase reps and weight in each of the excercises with the exception of the damn Diamond pushup and Dive-Bombers.  I increased to 12 reps of all push-ups on each set and increased the weights to 20lbs on everything.  (I could probably go to 25lbs but I don’t have any hex dumbells that size)

    Ab Ripper was another improvement as I upped it to 25 reps of everything (although I had to pause the DVD a couple times to catch up)  I had been doing the workout in slippery sweatpants, but switched to cotton pants and it made a huge difference.  Sliding across the floor makes the Ab workout a lot tougher.  The cotton on my ass sticks to the floor and helps with leverage.  Peter Cottontail step aside, there is a new bunny in town.

    Day 1 – Chest and Back + Ab Ripper X

    November 30, 2009

    Yesterday was the first “official” day of P90X for me.  I still do not have a chin-up bar so I had to use the bands for pull-ups.  Having done this work out a couple of previous times during the trial run I was very familiar with it.  So I set reasonable goals.  10 reps for push-ups and 15 reps for pull-ups and was able to complete all of the sets with the exception of the dive bomber pushups.   All of the weight based stuff was 15 reps of 10lbs per dumbell.  This ended up being a little to light, so I will be moving to 15lbs next Sunday.


    I am using the Daily Plate to track calories and percentages: 

    Calories: 1,720 

     Percentages: Protein = 36%,  Carbs = 34%, Fat = 30%

    I was behind on the Protein by 14% and high on the fat by 10%.   Still getting used to the diet.

    Stats for Day 1

    Weight: 185lbs

    Height: 5′ 9″

    Abdomen: 36″

    Neck: 15″

    Lard Ass Content: 21.6% (Using Navy Method)