Insanity – Day 57 – Core Cardio Circuit

May 24, 2010

Not my favorite workout and it shows. I should have done the Max Sports interval again, cause I like it sooooo much more than this one.  The arm waving and leg bending of this one is just a little to boring.  

I am in full countdown mode now… my body is begging for a rest and I only have 6 more workouts to go.  Tomorrow is a supposed rest day, but I have a ton of yardwork to do, and that will pretty much wipe out any rest I may get.

Diet:  I have been off the low-carb stuff for about 3 weeks now and I weighed in last night.  163 pounds.  Down 3 lbs from the end of the low-carb days.   I have been eating more low-fat instead of low-carb (lots of cereal for breakfast) and very few fried foods and little to no soda pop.   

Running:  I hope to start back on the running again once Insanity is finished.  I may put together a combination workout of 2 times a week P90X, 2 times Insanity, and 1 running day.   I will be taking both weekend days as rest going forward.   I am leaning towards Check and Back and Back and Biceps from P90X (Tues/Thurs) and Pure Cardio and Plyometric Cardio circuit from Insanity. (Mon, Fri) and then a 3 mile or so run on Wednesdays.   

I can see doing this for 3 weeks on, then 1 week off, then 3 weeks on, 1 week off throughout the summer.   That should keep me in pretty decent shape.   We shall see.


Insanity – Day 49 – Max Interval Sports

May 14, 2010

Today was supposed to be Core Cardio and Balance, but looking at the schedule, it says: ” If you have the deluxe package you can substitute Max Interval Sports Training here instead.  So that is what I did.  I had not even looked at this DVD up to this point so it was all new to me.

There is really no actual ‘warm-up’ to this DVD, you basically go right into it with only a minimum of a warm up.  There are four sports covered in the workout: Boxing, Football, Basketball, and Track.  Each section is about 10 minutes long and consists of several sport specific excercises.  The boxing section is basically a bunch of jabs and uppercuts that are done in increasing levels of intensity.  You will do 1 set for a minute then get a rest, then another more intense set then a rest.  This goes on for about 10 minutes total.

Next it is Football.  Of course this includes the much hated wide stance quick feet and then drop to the floor and hold a low plank pushup position.  Then back up to your feet.  This is modified and you do a drop down, then do plank walks side to side.  Again, each excercise is a minute or more then a rest.  There are several other football specific drills, and they all seem to focus on the shoulder and quad areas.

Next is Basketball:  Lots of 3 point shots and front to back suicides in here.  More cardio than the football, and more focus on the core and lower body. 

Last is Track:  Basically you do Ladder sprints for most of it.  15 seconds at full speed then 15 sec rest. Then 30 seconds at full speed, then 15 sec rest, then 45 seconds, then rest, finally a full minute, then rest.  Then it is back down the ladder 45, 30 and 15 seconds.

Overall, I really like this workout.  You get more rest times than any of the other DVD’s and the rests seem to be much longer.  You still work up a good soaking sweat though, so don’t think it is too easy.  I would say this DVD should be done by anyone who is doing P90X in place of the KenpoX dvd.  Much better workout here.

Insanity – Day 35 Core Cardio and Balance VI

April 26, 2010

Finally!!! I am finished with core cardio and balance.  My shoulders are now strong enough where I can actually lift off the ground and fly during the shoulder burner sequence.  Of course I simply smashed my head on the ceiling when I did get airborn, knocking myself unconsious for 10 minutes.  During my brief time knocked out, I had a horrible vision of Dreya Weber standing over me asking if I would like a “hugger”.   The more she asked the larger the bulge in her spandex would get….  I think she was getting a boner.   I awoke screaming when she got close and started trying to hug me and her face transformed into Tony Horton!!!!   Good God what a nightmare.  I now have a 2 inch high goose egg on the top of my noggin, and mental and emotional scars to last a lifetime.

I am so looking forward to the Fit Test.  But what really concerns me is that it says….. And Max Interval Circuit.  What the fuck?  They think that I am going to be able to do an ENTIRE workout AFTER I do the Fit Test?  No flipping way. 

Look for updated results in the next post…. I WILL beat Tania and Chris on all items.  errrr…  I hope so anyways.  Well maybe on 1 or 2???

Insanity – Day 34 – Core Cardio and Balance V

April 26, 2010

Notice the exquisite use of Roman numerals in the title.  Yes this is the 5th time in a row I have completed the same workout, and yes, I am getting used to it.

Insanity – Day 33 – Core Cardio and Balance IV

April 26, 2010


Yeah same workout as the previous 3 days….

Insanity – Day 32 – Core Cardio and Balance III

April 22, 2010

I rushed through todays workout so that I could get the lawn mowed.  The lawn mowing was a bigger workout than the DVD, so I should have just skipped it today.  But what would a recovery day be without Hip and Shoulder Burners?

Insanity – Day 31 – Core Cardio and Balance II

April 21, 2010

Back for round 2 of the Core Cardio and Balance DVD.  

Warm-Up:  I must say that I don’t really like the warm-up section of this DVD.  I just don’t get a good enough sweat going and then the stretches that follow are a more painful than usual.  Who would ever have thought that 6 minutes of cardio would not be enough to get a good sweat going?   I remember when I started P90X the day after Thanksgiving 2009,  I would sweat just taking the DVD out of the case and walking it over the player.  Lifting the remote to start it would cause burning in the biceps.  The 3 or 4 minute Tony Horton warm-up would have me gassed.   I have come a long way baby!!!

The stretch section of the DVD is not to bad, I am not a real flexible guy, so the stretching has been very helpful, but I still don’t like it.  So the shorter the stretch section, the happier I am.

I do like the workout section of this DVD.  The 1 minute per excercise can get a bit boring though.  I think I prefer the shorter length and more repetitions of the earlier workouts.  Also, I originally thought that they were less than a minute due to Shaun T getting all Tony Horton on us and spending 10 seconds or so talking about the next excercise.  But a closer look at the clock shows that they add those seconds on prior to starting and you really are doing the work for a minute each time.   Really the only benefit is the extra rest between each excercise that you do not get in the regular workouts.

Hip Flexor Burners:  I almost made it all the way through this living hell without putting my foot down to rest.  I got through the first minute and 15 seconds before I had to put my foot down due to my leg being on fire.  On the other leg I made it just a littler further, but the kick/extending of the leg is hard for me.  My hamstrings and calfs are very tight and I am not flexible enough to really kick it out there.

Shoulder Burners:  I was determined to make it further into this than the previous day, and I actually did.   I powered through the “flap your wings like a dodo bird” section with no real shoulder burn starting.   On to the clap the cymbals like a wind up monkey section.  I made it through but the burning was starting to set in.  Next was the arms above the head section.  The burning was now up to open flame level and growing.  I barely made it through.  Next was circles backwards,  all I could see in my mind was that douchebag Tony Horton backing out of trouble.   That was it, I had to stop and take a rest, not only for my shoulders, but also to clear the image of Tony out of my skull.   After a 5 second rest I jumped back in.  Only to quit again once the forward circles started.  Another 5 second rest and I was good til the end. 

I was so pissed about the burning in the shoulders that I simply flipped the TV the bird and hit the power button to OFF.