Day 89 – Core Syn and Dreya Again

February 26, 2010

Amazing how easy it is to get motoviated for a workout when you only have a couple more to go.   The last of the Core Synergistics workouts and really, this is a workout that I can see using over and over again.  Lots of good excercises, gets the heart rate up and pretty much works every area in some way.   

Only 1 more day to go.  For anyone just starting who is reading this, stick with it.  It may seem like the end will never get there, and you are SO SICK of eating chicken and whey protein.   Keeping this blog has been one of the best ways to keep me going, even when I wanted to stop.  Keep pressing play…


Day 86 – Core Synergistics

February 23, 2010

It has been about a month since I last did the Core Synergistics workout, and I really missed seeing Pam the Blam.   Tony is still the incredible douche that I remember and it is still very creepy when he talks about Dreya stripping down.  I have to turn away from the screen cause I am always afraid that Dreya’s dick is going to pop out when it is stripping down.  

Here is what the Cory Synergistics workout consists of:

  • Stacked Foot/Staggered Hands Push-Ups (Max Reps)
  • Banana Rolls (60 seconds)
  • Leaning Crescent Lunges (24 Reps)
  • Squat Runs (60 seconds)
  • Sphinx Push-Ups (Max Reps)
  • Bow-to-Boats (90 Seconds)
  • Low Lateral Skaters (25 each side)
  • Lunge & Reaches (4 sets of 30 seconds)
  • Prison Cell Push-Ups (Max Reps)
  • Side Hip Raises (20 reps)
  • Squat X-Presses (30 Reps)
  • Plank to Chaturanga Runs (60 seconds, in 10 sec intervals)
  • Walking Push-Ups (60 seconds)
  • Superman Bananas (60 seconds)
  • Lunge Kickback Curl Presses (25 reps)
  • Towel Hoppers (60 seconds)
  • Reach High & Under Push-Ups (Max Reps)
  • Steam Engines (50 reps)
  • Dreya Rolls (60 seconds of douchieness)
  • Plank to Chaturanga Isos (60 seconds, in 10 sec intervals)
  • Halfbacks (60 seconds)
  • Table Dip Leg Raise (Max Reps)

I must say that all of the push-ups and plank to chaturanga excercises are really good.  The banana rolls, bow to boats,  and superman bananas are killer on the abs.   This is just a solid overall workout for the entire body that keeps it changing up enough so it does not get too boring.

4 days to go….

Day 54 – Core Synergistics

January 22, 2010

Moved up the Core Synergistics workout a day, so that I can take Friday as a rest day.   This is one of the better workouts and is always good to run through.   I still hate the Superman – Banana’s  it is like rolling around on the floor like a fish out of water.  Bascially I flop around and gasp for air, much like a goldfish that has jumped out of the bowl. 

The rest week is coming to a close this weekend, and I am going to try to do Chest and Back,  Plyometrics and Back and Biceps while on vacation using my Ipod to watch them.   I hope the hotels have weight rooms, otherwise I will be jumping around in my hotel room pissing off the people on the floor below me.   I was able to convert the DVD’s down to run on my Ipod Nano, which is awesome.  I use the armband and the earphones and can take the workout anywhere.  

I am a little concerned about the Diet this weekend.  I have been using Whey Protein drinks in the morning to get the Protein portion of the diet up to a higher level.   I may just take some with me or simply purchase some of the protein drinks while I am out there.   I think I can stay good with the food, it is the beer and cocktails that will be the killers.   I generally go on an all night bender or two while in Vegas so there will be at least one hangover day that just the thought of eating will make me sick.  That will keep the calories down.

Day 51 – Core Synergistics

January 19, 2010

It is Monday the 18th of January, and the Martin Lutha da King holiday.   Holiday my ass, I had to go to work today.   Well the kids hockey team is in the Semi-finals of his tournament this morning, would be nice to go see the games, but I am working and getting text updates from those in attendance.   They win the semi-final, the punk has a goal and an assist, as well as a penalty or two for roughing.   Standard stuff for him.   So the championship game is this afternoon at 3:30pm.  Now I am going to have to burn some vacation time to go see the game.  So I drive the 2 hours up to the finals game.    I generally stand by myself down by the offensive side glass when I watch his games because hockey parents in the stands are fucking idiots.  Even on your own team all they do is talk shit about this kid and that kid behind each others back.   Pass it, Shoot it, my kid is open, ahhh, SHUT THE FUCK UP.  Strap on some skates and go play, otherwise SHUT THE FUCK UP.   OK enough of that rant.

They end up winning the game 4 – 1 and my little punk ends up with a goal and an assist as well as 2 roughing penalties. (no surprise there)   Now I have to drive the 2 hours back home and check the P90X Schedule.  Core Synergistics?  My favorite.   The only thing that could make this better would be if Dreya shit her pants while doing the famous Dreya roll and the brown stain showed through her shorts.   No such luck tonight though.   It is nice to see Pam the Blam though and we do a nice workout together.   That Core Syn stuff really gets you sweating.   I love the Plank to Chatturanga runs and Plank to Chatturanga ISO’s.  I can do more Prison Cell Push-ups than O.J. Simpson.

Recovery week is in full swing and I have Kenpo tomorrow.   I hope the Hong Kong Phooey Pajamas that I ordered off of E-Bay show up today.  These things look sweet, and I am gonna kick some bad guy ass!!!

Day 26 – Core Synergistics

December 28, 2009

Whoo hoo… I love this thing.  One of my favorites, even though I spend much of the disk yelling at Tony to go fuck himself.  What the sam hell is he trying to do to me on the Superman Banana’s?  He switches from one to the other so frickin fast that I might as well just lay on the floor and roll around like an infant that hasn’t learned to crawl yet. Superman, Banana, Superman, Banana, Superman, Banana… The next thing you know, I’ve rolled over to the stairs and have tumbled down the entire set.   Biff, bam, pow, smack, ouch, what the fuck?  How did I get down here? 

And the Dreya Roll, why does that she-male get her own excercise named after her?  We used to do these things as kids and I am pretty damn sure we did not call them Dreya Rolls!!!  I think they were called something like “I forgot to take my Ritalin today Rolls”.    And the Table Dip Leg Raises, thanks to those damn things I could barely move my wrist for an entire day. 

Anyways, Core Synergistics was hardly the way I envisioned spending an afternoon on Christmas Eve, but it turned out pretty good anyways.  Santa Claus is on his way to my house so tomorrow morning I will be rolling in the presents.  Can’t wait to see what the big guy made me this year.  Hope he put together one of those shiny new iPod Nano’s for me.  And Steve Jobs had best be paying those elves overtime this year, or Santa will give him another lump of coal.

Day 23 – Core Synergistics

December 22, 2009

First time through the Core Synergistics workout and I have to say, that it is probably one of my favorites.  It keeps you moving and there are not a lot of breaks in the action for Tony to begin talking and ruin it.   This disk has the return of Pam “They call her the Blam” Moore and the leapfrog boy, whatever the fuck his name is.   It also contains the very muscular and bull dike-ish looking Dreya Weber, arialist extrordinaire and all around awsome person according to Tony.   Just nail her and get it over with Tony, good god your like a high school freshman whose all worked up over the homecoming queen.    She is not that hot dude.

The workout starts with some new push-ups that are slightly different than some we have seen before, and that is followed up by banana rolls.  Unfortunately this excercise did not require me to remove my shorts, so that was one disappointment to the workout.   That led into some lunges and then some squats, followed by more push-ups (Sphinx Push Ups,  when I heard the name I thought he said sphincter push-ups and was expecting Richard Simmons to come out and lead the excercise)   These were followed by some moves we saw in Yoga Belly 7 and then more lunges and squats that are hidden behind fun names that make you want to do them…. NOT. 

Prison Cell Push-ups were not nearly as tough as other bloggers have made them out to be, but the Plank to Chaturanga Runs… now those things sucked.   At first they resemble good old mountain climbers, but then you go down and keep your chest and inch off the ground while still trying to move your legs like you are running.  Kind of looks like a spider trying to hump a flea.  Then you push back to plank and keep the legs moving, then down, then up then down again until you either puke or collapse and smash your balls on the hard floor. 

The last segment of the workout contains more push-ups, lunges and squats all with neat little names that make you happy to do them.  Another disappointment was the Dreya roll.  I was really expecting two italian thugs to show up and clock her in the head and steal her wallet.  But no, just another nearly impossible to pull off excercise.  

Smelling like a japanese pimp.This is probably the best full-body workout of the group, and in my case one of the most fun and challenging.   The fact that there are only a couple of breaks and most of the excercises are simple to follow really helps make this workout one of the best in the P90X series.   Tomorrow is Kenpo, time to break out my Hai Karate aftershave and get to kickin some serious ass.