Insanity – Final Review

June 7, 2010

Hello everyone, it has been a little more than a week since I finished up with my final workout and fit test from Insanity.  It has taken about a week for all of the little aches and pains to go away, especially in my knees and big toes. 

I have now completed both P90X and Insanity and I feel that both are excellent workouts and each can achieve the desired results if followed as designed.  I first started P90X way back on November 27th of 2009.  (The day after thanksgiving)  My original weigh-in weight was 192 Lbs and the body fat calcuation was 25.6%   I am now at 165 Lbs and 11% body fat.  A big difference that I can actually say is due to using both P90X and Insanity over the past 6 months.

I think the most important rule of using either P90X or Insanity is ……… DIET.   Both workouts are great in their own way, but without a proper diet to go along with them, you WILL NOT see the results.   I have several friends that I work with as well as family members who have been doing either Insanity or P90X nearly as long as I have and have not seen as good of results.   Yes they are stronger or have better cardio now compared to when they started, but they did not lose much weight and did not get the ripped or sculpted look they thought they would get.

As for each of the workouts, I have to say that I feel that the first 30 days of Insanity was the best of any of the workouts.  I think this is due to the fact that they only last 45 minutes and just get you absolutely drenched in sweat.  That being said, I think the second 30 days of Insanity was the most tedious.   Extending the workout to an hour, without really adding anything new, simply made it to hard on the body after a few weeks.

As for P90X, I really like the weight lifting days as well as the Plyometric day.  The Yoga is simply WAY to long of a workout (90 minutes)  I would suggest skipping the balance portion (the last 40 minutes or so).   And the Kenpo, while fun the first couple of times, is just too easy of a workout compared to the others.

Would I recommend one over the other?  Not really.  I think it depends on what the individual person is looking for or likes to do.  Some people really like the cardio, so Insanity is great for them, while others like the weightlifting and muscle work, so I would recommend P90X to them.  The only complaint I have on either workout is that Tony Horton is a complete douchebag.

Now that I am finished with both, I am just going to maintain where I have gotten to.  I am thinking of working out 5 days a week and taking weekends off.  Following a good diet Monday thru Friday, and maybe not so strict on weekends.   The plan is to do P90X weight workouts Mon, Wen, Fri and Insanity on Tue and Thur.   Then to flip that the next week with 3 Insanity’s (MWF) and 2 P90X (Tue,Thur).

Look for my new blog coming soon…. 6-Pack Abs…. Covered in Suntan Lotion.


Insanity – Final Fit Test

June 1, 2010

Here are the results of all of my fit tests:

  Week 1 Week 3 Week 6 Week 8 Final
Switch Kicks 120 134 134 146 150
Power Jacks 52 60 60 62 66
Power Knees 85 98 105 110 118
Power Jumps 38 45 60 67 71
Globe Jumps 9 9 10 11 12
Suicide Jumps 18 20 22 24 25
Push-Up Jacks 25 30 33 42 43
Low Plank Obliques 58 63 71 80 80

My goal was to be able to beat Tania and Chris at every single test. 

Switch Kicks:  I personally improved from 120 to 150 over the course of the program, that is a 25% increase.  That crushes the numbers reported by Chris (100) and Tania (110).   

Power Jacks: I went from 52 to 66, an increase of 14 jasks, that is a 27% increase from Day 1.  That squeaks by the 65 reported by Tania and beats the 58 reported by Chris.

Power Knees:  Started with 85, ended with 118, this was a big increase of 39% or 33 additional power knees from Day 1 to Day 64.  That completely whips the 81 reported by Chris, but somehow Tania reports 125!!!  I made sure I watched that bitch this time and I was ahead of her the entire time they showed her.  I think she counted wrong.

Power Jumps:  Started with 38 ended with 71, a huge increase of 33 jumps or 87%.  The big increase came during the 3rd Fit test when I started doing quick sets of 15, then resting a few seconds, then another quick set of 15, and so on.  It makes it much easier than just jumping at a steady pace.  Thanks for the idea Tania, and I whipped your ass using it.

Globe Jumps:  Started with 9 ended with 12, and increase of 3 or 33%.   Not much to say about globe jumps I managed to squeak past both Tania and Chris by 1.  I am so gassed from Power Jumps that I pretty much dog it on the Globe Jumps.

Suicide Jumps:  First Fit Test I did 18, final Fit Test 25, an increase of 7 jumps or 39%.   I was able to do just a little better than Tania (23) and Chris (22).  These things hurt my big toes!!!

Push-Up Jacks:  Started with 25 and ended up with 43, an increase of 18 or 72%.   I was just barely able to beat Chris (42) but whipped Tania (32).  I used the same method as the power jumps, breaking it down into quick sets of 15 that I tried to finish in less than 20 seconds.  I then rested until the 20 seconds was over, and did another quick 15.   I fell flat on my face at 43 and still had 6 seconds left, but I could not push myself back up.

Low Plank Obliques:  Started with 58, finished with 80.  An increase of 22 or 38%.   This is the only test that I did not improve on from Week 8 to the final.  I stayed at 80.  I think this was due to pushing to hard on the earlier tests.  

Overall I am very pleased with the results, solid improvements in every test, and I was able to beat Tania and Chris in almost every single test.  (I know that bitch is lying about the Power Knees!!!)  

Some of the improvement came from better cardio conditioning, but I think in some cases, part of the improvement came from using the short burst and then rest technique.  The Power Jumps, Push-Up Jacks and Low-Plank Obliques are definately easier to do when you do a quick set of 15 and then rest 1 or 2 seconds and then repeat, instead of going steady all the way through.

I am planning on writing up a final look back at Insanity to wrap up the blog, I will hopefully get to it in the next day or so.  Thanks for reading!!!

Insanity – Day 63 – Max Cardio and Cardio Abs

June 1, 2010

At long last, the final workout of the Insanity series.

I can hardly remember the workout because the entire time I just kept thinking.  “Last Workout, Last Workout, Last Workout”.    When the Max Cardio DVD ended, I thought YES I am DONE!!! Then I remembered that I still needed to do the Cardio Abs DVD.   That was not so bad, 17 minutes of additional sweating before officially ending the program.

All that is left now is the Fit Test, I am planning on taking that on Memorial Day.

Insanity – Day 62 – Max Interval Plyo

May 28, 2010

Got home from work, headed to the basement and popped the DVD into the player.  What do you know?  Last time for Max Interval Plyo.   Not much new here, sore knees and back for the first 7-8 minutes and then I felt fine.   Sweat pouring out by the end of stretches and completely drenched by the end of the workout.

Later last night I had a hockey game.  I got hit with a slapshot on the outside of my left ankle.  Ouch!!! I could feel the swelling start right away, so I just kept on playing.  Taking the skate off results in large ankles.   Later in the game I get hit with a shot on the inside of my right ankle.  Now I am flipping pissed.  Both ankles now have bruises, and the left one is swelling up nicely.  

After the game, I am about to take the skate of when someone sticks their head in the locker room and says ” hey our team is way short tonight, anyone want to play a second game?”   My brain says “No way!!” but for some reason my mouth says “Sure, I will play”   What the hell am I thinking?   So I start playing the second game of the night and what happens?  I get slashed across the thumb!!!  Holy shit, I head over to the bench and take the glove off, and what do ya know, the thumb nail is already purple and black. 

As the second game of the night is winding down, the puck goes out to the point, and I head out to pressure the guy.  He winds up with the big slapper, and I think, HELL NO, I am not getting hit in the ankle again,  so I jump a little bit to get out of the way.  The puck ends up hitting the inside of my left skate blade, pushing my left leg  just a little out of whack, so that my leg is no longer straight up and down when I land.  So when the blade hits back on the ice slightly off center, there is a shooting pain in my left knee.  You have to be shitting me.  4 injuries in one night!!!!  I hobble over to the bench and look at the clock, a little over 2 minutes left in the game.  I end up trying to skate one more shift, but that is not happening, so I head to the locker room.

Taking off the skates reveals 1 large swollen left ankle with a nice black bruise on the outside of it,  1 purple and green bruise on the inside of the right ankle.  1 Right Thumb nail that is purple and black, and 1 left knee that is screaming in pain and swelling up nicely.   That was the worst night of hockey I can ever remember, 4 injuries in just a little over 3 hours of playing time.  

Good thing I only have 1 more insanity workout left.  There is no way I will be able to do it today.  As I sit here writing this, both ankles are throbbing, every time I hit the space bar my thumb hurts and my left knee is packed in ice.

I will most likely not do Day 63 workout, and jump straight to the fit test.  If the swelling and bruising feels better, maybe I will try it on Monday (Memorial Day) otherwise I might just try it in 1 week or so.

I will post the results of all fit tests once I finish the last one.

Insanity – Day 61 – Max Interval Circuit

May 28, 2010

Last time for the stern lecture from Shaun T about how he is gonna kick my butt today. 

My body has just about had enough of the punishment that is handed out by Insanity.  At 44 years old, I just do not bounce back real well from the physical pounding the knees and lower back take in these workouts.  Combine that with a bunch of yard work, a couple of ice hockey games a week and you have a recipe for injury.

I just keep pushin like Shaun says and eventually the pain goes away.

2 more to go…

Insanity – Day 60 – Max Cardio and Cardio Abs

May 26, 2010

Wow,  Day 60.   With only 3 remaining workouts, I have to do each of the max DVD’s 1 more time.  Max Interval Circuit, Max Interval Plyo, and Max Cardio Conditioning.   Finish that off with the final Fit Test and call  it done.

Cardio Abs after doing Max Cardio is really overkill in my opinion.  Yeah the Cardio Conditioning DVD is only 47 minutes, but throwing another 16 minutes of ab work on top of it is just killer.  

3 more workouts to go…. Then the FINAL Fit Test.

Insanity – Day 59 – Max Interval Plyo

May 26, 2010

My ass was dragging from my over-active “Rest” day, so my attempt at Max Interval Plyo was anything but stellar.    I managed to get through the entire workout without passing out, but was way more tired than usual.

The physical pounding that your body takes from these workouts is starting to catch up with me.  Sore knees, toes and a pulled groin are all starting to add up.   The first 5 to 8 minutes of the warm-up are painful at best.  It seems to be taking longer and longer into the workout before the small aches and pains dissappear.

A hot shower and 36 hours of sleep is what I need….