Insanity – Day 61 – Max Interval Circuit

May 28, 2010

Last time for the stern lecture from Shaun T about how he is gonna kick my butt today. 

My body has just about had enough of the punishment that is handed out by Insanity.  At 44 years old, I just do not bounce back real well from the physical pounding the knees and lower back take in these workouts.  Combine that with a bunch of yard work, a couple of ice hockey games a week and you have a recipe for injury.

I just keep pushin like Shaun says and eventually the pain goes away.

2 more to go…


Insanity – Day 56 – Max Interval Circuit

May 21, 2010

“I’m smiling ’cause I love killing people!”   Does this quote sound familiar?  It is the sound of Shaun T running his pie hole during Max Interval Circuit.   Well Shaun, If you are gonna start killing people, I suggest you start with that dumbass Akiel and work your way back to that other slacker who hangs out in the back left hand side of the gym.  

Max Interval Circuit…. my least favorite workout, probably due to the fact that it is so damn hard.   Floor switch kicks and Full Body Drills suck ass.  Not to mention the mashup from hell, Ski-Abs, Push-Up Jacks, In-Out Abs, and Low Plank Obliques.   Throw in some side suicide jumps and you have a recipe for brewing up a gallon of sweat dripped onto the floor.

Anyways, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Only seven more workouts left, followed by the final fit test.

Insanity – Day 52 – Max Interval Circuit

May 17, 2010

Shaun T is not playin, and he kicked my ass again on this workout.  Just can’t seem to make it through this thing without extra breaks.  I notice that almost all the other people in the DVD are taking extra breaks, but it still pisses me off to take breaks.

I love the end when the break dancin mexican dude spins on his back then jumps up and nearly kicks the skinny broad right in the face.  That would have been sweet if he nailed her in the nose with his foot.  Congratulations, you just finished todays workout, now here is a kick in the face to remind you that you suck!!!   The chick just kind of sits there all dazed and confused, but you just know that once the cameras were off, she strung that wetback up by his little mexican cahones out in the parking lot. 

11 more workouts and 1 fit test to go….

Insanity – Day 46 – Max Interval Circuit

May 10, 2010

Who would ever figure that a big toe injury could sideline you for so many days in Insanity?   I got hit with a puck on the end of my skate during a hockey game and my big toe nail split .  The next day trying to do Insanity was insanely painful.  I ended up having to take 3 days in a row off before finally being able to jump and run on that foot.

So I started back up where I had left off…. Max Interval Circuit.  Yeah, this is the one where Shaun T starts the damn workout out with “I’m here to kick your butt, and I am not playin” .   Great.   I had failed miserably at this workout the first time I tried it due to the fact that I did the fit test right before starting.  This time I had no excuse, well I did have a sore big toe.   Needless to say side-to-side hops in the warm-up were excruciating, and any plank runs were very painful as well. 

I struggled through the workout, wondering the entire time if my sluggishness was due to my toe hurting, or the fact that I had not worked out in the past 3 days.  I decided it was a little bit of both.  Tomorrow is Max Interval Plyo.  I hope I can do a little better with that one.

There is one chick in this video who is busting ass the entire time.  I don’t remember her name, but Shaun T goes over and talks to her a few times.  She has on a grey top and maroon shorts.  Bitch is always smiling like this is the most fucking fun she has ever had!!!!  I want to reach through the TV and slap the smile off her face in a big way.   And why the hell is that Akiel dude in the front row? That dude is always doggin it unless Shaun T gets up his ass about it.  The dude is ripped, but obviously the roids did not help out his cardio.

Insanity – Day 37 – Fit Test

May 3, 2010

Okay…. WordPress is pissing me off.  My posts appear to be getting out of order and some show up in the right hand margin that is supposed to be the calendar and links area. 

Fit Test day… Hell yeah.  Time to compare my results against Tania (aka The Machine) and Chris (aka The Wussy).

  Week 1 Week 3 Week 6
Switch Kicks 120 134 134
Power Jacks 52 60 60
Power Knees 85 98 105
Power Jumps 38 45 60
Globe Jumps 9 9 10
Suicide Jumps 18 20 22
Push-Up Jacks 25 30 33
Low Plank Obliques 58 63 71

I was a little pissed about not getting any improvment during the Switch Kicks and Power Jacks.   Then we went into the Power Legs section and I watched the TV while doing them.  My pace was faster than Tania for the time that they  showed her.  They pan over to Chris for a while and then end.  So I am thinking, I had to beat her, I was going faster than her when they were showing her on the screen.  My total was 105, Shaun goes over and asks her “How many did you do?”  A hundred and twenty-five she spouts.  What the fuck!!!  There is no way she got to 125, unless she was counting by 5’s.   Now I am PISSED.  Lying little slant eyed mutha fooker.

On to Power Jumps.  Tania has a little method that works well for her Shaun says.  She does 10 then takes a break, then 10 more, etc….  So I think, what the hell, I will give it a try.   What do ya know.  Works great.  I got to 60, whipping those two little pussies by over 10.   On to Globe Jumps,  I finished with 10, an improvement of over the 9 the previous two times, but still one behind the wonder twins.     Suicide Jumps, again I improved, up 10% to 22, but still only matching Chris and one behind “The machine”.  

Push-up Jacks:  Another improvement up 10% to 33.  I beat Tania’s 32, but somehow SuperWussie Chris manages to bang out 42 of these things!  What?  He has been getting his ass whipped on a regular basis by both Tania and myself and suddenly he pulls a 42 on the Push-up Jacks?  I demand a re-count.

Last test is low plank obliques:  I decide to try and incorporate Tania’s Power Jump method into the Low plank Obliques.  Doing 10 then resting a bit, then 10 more, etc.  I finished with a big 13% improvement getting 71, beat the machine by one. 

Overall I am now able to beat Tania’s final totals in 4 of the 8 tests.   I can beat Chris in 5 of the 8 along with 1 tie.   I still have 26 more days to improve.  If I cannot beat both of those two in every test….. I will start Insanity all over again from the start!!!

Now on to the Max Interval Circuit workout.  Why in the hell do they have you do both in a single day?  The Max Interval Circuit is 60 minutes long!!! I have already been doing the Fit test for 25 minutes.  My ass is gassed.  I press on.  The warm up for the Max dvd is a little more difficult than the previous 30 days warm-ups.  They throw a few new wrinkles in, like Arm-Up Jumping jacks, Arms Out High Knees, Side to Side Jump Ropes and Side-to-Side Floor Hops.

After the warm-up and stretch I was feeling a little dizzy but pressed on.   Pedal/Power Lunges is first, followed by a little slice of hell known as Ski Abs/Push-Up Jacks/In & Out Abs/Oblique Push-Ups.  4 reps of each makes up 1 set, fit 2 sets in during your 45 seconds.    Another new move Power Strikes, kind of like beating some broke ass bum down in the alley, punching straight down while alternating back and forth with the ghetto stomp.   Last but not least Frog Jumps.  (3 rounds of all of these, with a minute rest between each round)  Then a BONUS  Football Runs/Cross Jacks.

This is where I passed out…. I woke up to the sound of my mini-dachsund humping my ankle and the DVD wrapping up.  OK not really…  But I did quit at this point.  I ran out of time and needed to get moving on to mowing the lawn, otherwise I would not have finished the lawn before it got to dark. 

I did fast forward through the remaining workout.  Lots of new moves, but Circuit Two looks a little easier than Circuit One.   And you only repeat Circuit Three one time.  You then apparently lay on the floor gasping for air, as all 11 of Shauns super models and Shaun himself are lying on the floor looking like they are ready to die at the start of the final rest period.   Glad I skipped it.