Insanity – Final Review

June 7, 2010

Hello everyone, it has been a little more than a week since I finished up with my final workout and fit test from Insanity.  It has taken about a week for all of the little aches and pains to go away, especially in my knees and big toes. 

I have now completed both P90X and Insanity and I feel that both are excellent workouts and each can achieve the desired results if followed as designed.  I first started P90X way back on November 27th of 2009.  (The day after thanksgiving)  My original weigh-in weight was 192 Lbs and the body fat calcuation was 25.6%   I am now at 165 Lbs and 11% body fat.  A big difference that I can actually say is due to using both P90X and Insanity over the past 6 months.

I think the most important rule of using either P90X or Insanity is ……… DIET.   Both workouts are great in their own way, but without a proper diet to go along with them, you WILL NOT see the results.   I have several friends that I work with as well as family members who have been doing either Insanity or P90X nearly as long as I have and have not seen as good of results.   Yes they are stronger or have better cardio now compared to when they started, but they did not lose much weight and did not get the ripped or sculpted look they thought they would get.

As for each of the workouts, I have to say that I feel that the first 30 days of Insanity was the best of any of the workouts.  I think this is due to the fact that they only last 45 minutes and just get you absolutely drenched in sweat.  That being said, I think the second 30 days of Insanity was the most tedious.   Extending the workout to an hour, without really adding anything new, simply made it to hard on the body after a few weeks.

As for P90X, I really like the weight lifting days as well as the Plyometric day.  The Yoga is simply WAY to long of a workout (90 minutes)  I would suggest skipping the balance portion (the last 40 minutes or so).   And the Kenpo, while fun the first couple of times, is just too easy of a workout compared to the others.

Would I recommend one over the other?  Not really.  I think it depends on what the individual person is looking for or likes to do.  Some people really like the cardio, so Insanity is great for them, while others like the weightlifting and muscle work, so I would recommend P90X to them.  The only complaint I have on either workout is that Tony Horton is a complete douchebag.

Now that I am finished with both, I am just going to maintain where I have gotten to.  I am thinking of working out 5 days a week and taking weekends off.  Following a good diet Monday thru Friday, and maybe not so strict on weekends.   The plan is to do P90X weight workouts Mon, Wen, Fri and Insanity on Tue and Thur.   Then to flip that the next week with 3 Insanity’s (MWF) and 2 P90X (Tue,Thur).

Look for my new blog coming soon…. 6-Pack Abs…. Covered in Suntan Lotion.


Day 91 – Finished

March 5, 2010

Well my trip through P90X has officially ended. 

Final Stats:

Starting Weight: 185    Ending Weight:  166  

Starting Waist: 36.5 in   Ending Waist:  32.5in

Starting Jello Layers: 6   Ending Jello Layers: 1

Overall I am very happy with the results from using P90X.  It provides a daily routine that allows you to excercise properly (warm-up, stretch, excercise, cool-down)  while also providing enough different routines to keep you from getting bored with it.  Also, over the 90 days, by sticking with it, if helps you to change your diet choices so that you stay within the percentages that are suggested.

I ended up being at 35% protein, 45% Carbs and 20% fat over the first 30 days.  The suggested is 50/30/20.  I feel that by not following the diet as described, it kept me from shedding all the fat needed in the first 30 days.   During the second phase, I was at 33% protein, 47% carbs and 20% fat.  The expected was 40/40/20.  Again I did not meet the suggested criteria and it probably kept me from reaching full potential.   In Phase 3 the diet switches to 60% Carbs, 20% Protein, and 20% fat.   I actually was at 48% carbs, 35% Protein, and 18% fat.  Again, I did not do a good enough job of meeting the diet plan.

Even without matching the diet plan, I was able to get much more defined in the arms, back, chest and stomach.  Instead of a 6 pack, I have a 4 pack… but all in all, I am very happy with the results.   Unfortunately, most of my clothes no longer fit very well.  Dress pants and jeans are all baggy and fall off unless I have a belt pulled tight.   So I either have to fatten back up, or break down and buy some new clothes.

It has only been five days since my last P90X workout and I am getting very bored of not excercising.   I was planning on taking 2 weeks away from excercising, but I think I am gonna cut that down to 1 week and start the Insanity program this weekend.  

I plan on using the Blog to keep track of the Insanity just like I did with the P90X, so for anyone who is a regular reader, look for updates starting next Monday.   Til then, Keep pressing play….

Day 90 – Yoga X

March 1, 2010

Well after 90 Days of P90X and weekly yoga X sessions, I have finally mastered the art of sticking my own head up my ass.   After listening to the first 45 minutes of Tony gabbing on and on during my relaxing yoga session, I just could not take it anymore.   So I reached and I stretched and eventually was able to fit my head into my own ass.   Ahhh the blessed silence of not being able to hear Tony was only dampened by the foul air in there.   It goes without saying that I was really looking forward to hitting the showers after this workout…

With my 90 days completed, I am looking forward to a week of no workouts and allowing my knees and other aching body parts some time to rest.   I will probably finish up on Tuesday with the final weigh-in and measurements and take the 90 day picture then.   I have been checking out the P90X+ dvd’s and will probably do these things every other day for a few weeks prior to starting INSANITY on April 5th.  I am hoping the Interval X and Cardio/Kenpo plus workouts will get me a little better prepared for what looks like a completely insane 60 days with INSANITY.

Day 89 – Core Syn and Dreya Again

February 26, 2010

Amazing how easy it is to get motoviated for a workout when you only have a couple more to go.   The last of the Core Synergistics workouts and really, this is a workout that I can see using over and over again.  Lots of good excercises, gets the heart rate up and pretty much works every area in some way.   

Only 1 more day to go.  For anyone just starting who is reading this, stick with it.  It may seem like the end will never get there, and you are SO SICK of eating chicken and whey protein.   Keeping this blog has been one of the best ways to keep me going, even when I wanted to stop.  Keep pressing play…

Day 88 – X Stretch

February 25, 2010

Seems kind of strange spending one of the last days of the P90X journey doing X-Stretch instead of some massive plyo or chest workout.   Yesterday was weigh in day again and I was at 168 on the scales.  Down 17 pounds from the start, I did not do waist and neck measurements, so I cannot plug in the data for body fat percentage.  My original goal was to get down to 165 by the last weigh-in.  That will be on Tuesday, 3 days after finishing the P90X workouts.   I will get final 90 day pictures taken and put up the comparison again after next Tuesday.

2 more days to go:  Core Synergistics and Yoga.  Day 91 on my schedule shows X-Stretch or Rest.   Seeing that it is a Saturday,  I will be resting.   

When I was at about day 15 and again at day 30 or so, I thought to myself, when this is done, I am gonna celebrate by stuffing myself with all kinds of delicious fattening food.  But now that the day is near, I look at the results and say…. Shit, I worked to hard to get here, I don’t want to throw it away on a three times a week hot wings, cheeseburgers and beer diet.  

Don’t get me wrong, I love that stuff and still plan on having it once in a while (OK maybe more frequently on the beer) and  I am planning on going out to eat to celebrate on Day 90.  Right now it looks like it is going to be a Steak place.  I think a salad, followed by either a T-Bone steak or Surf and Turf,  side of mushrooms and onions, steamed veggies and maybe a baked potato.   I might even add some sour cream to that there tater, umm humm.   

I do need to take some time off from P90X and working out in general.  My right knee continues to cause me problems with swelling and is painful to really workout on.   Maybe a couple weeks of rest, and then either P90X+  or Insanity.  Either way I think I have started a much bigger lifestyle change with this journey.

Day 87 – Ken Po vs. Tony Ho

February 24, 2010

The final session of Kenpo is now in the books.  I knew it was going to be the final Kenpo of my P90X journey so I put on my Hong Kong Phooey pajamas,  slipped into my Kobra Kai gi, and headed into the basement to kick some Tony Horton ass.   After going over some last minute instructions from Mr. Miyagi, I picked up my 2 lb hand weights and started punching, blocking, and kicking like a one legged man in an ass kicking contest.   As I got further into the mission, I started wondering who this mysterious man Ken Po really was… Could it be a secret P90X operative?  Was Wesley Idol only a stage name, and Ken Po was his real name?  And why the fuck didn’t any of the 3 Tony Ho workout buddys actually punch and chop the shit out of him when he came over and PRETENDED to be hit by them?  

Now the picture on the right shows the EXACT move that I would use on Tony if he ever attempted to give me “huggers” like he did to Dreya Weber after one of the workouts.   As you can see, the technique involves a properly placed foot in the nutsack area to subdue the opponent.   Notice the form and concentration required to place the heel directly into the scrotum and crush the testicle with a single blow.   I personally feel that attempting to get into this striking postion puts to much strain on the knee.  So I would simply just use the good old fashioned Nut Punt to take care of business.   But I digress.

As I continue to kick and punch my way into a perfectly “ripped” body, I start thinking that maybe Vanessa the sweaty redhead may actually be Ken Po.   As Tony Ho points out, she is using actual DNA Removal techniques, it almost sounds kind of James Bond 007 like.   So I decide to investigate “Vanessa” more carefully.  I start by entering her picture into the Karate criminal database.   What do I find out…. Her real name is Kendra Polegobbler!!!!   HOLY CRAP Batman!!!  She may be the secret operative Ken Po!!!   How can I possibly warn Tony Horton in time!!!  I think her master plan is to remove some of Tony’s DNA and begin cloning him, filling the world with armys of complete douchebags!!!  But how is she going to get the DNA extracted from Tony??  Must put on thinking cap….. I got it!!!!  Looking back at the screen it all becomes clear.  Tony has that satisfied smirk on his face, and the glistening DNA around Vanessa’s mouth could only be one thing!!!!   

Will Ken Po be able to use the carefully hidden DNA to clone Tony and form an indestructable army of douchbags?  Are Wesley Idol and Tony the Ex-Marine destined to be killed by Tony Ho clones?  Is there a cure for being a douche?  Will Hong Kong Phooey save the day?  Are the Kobra Kai really just Tony Horton’s bastard children?  TUNE IN NEXT TIME TO FIND OUT!!!!

Day 86 – Core Synergistics

February 23, 2010

It has been about a month since I last did the Core Synergistics workout, and I really missed seeing Pam the Blam.   Tony is still the incredible douche that I remember and it is still very creepy when he talks about Dreya stripping down.  I have to turn away from the screen cause I am always afraid that Dreya’s dick is going to pop out when it is stripping down.  

Here is what the Cory Synergistics workout consists of:

  • Stacked Foot/Staggered Hands Push-Ups (Max Reps)
  • Banana Rolls (60 seconds)
  • Leaning Crescent Lunges (24 Reps)
  • Squat Runs (60 seconds)
  • Sphinx Push-Ups (Max Reps)
  • Bow-to-Boats (90 Seconds)
  • Low Lateral Skaters (25 each side)
  • Lunge & Reaches (4 sets of 30 seconds)
  • Prison Cell Push-Ups (Max Reps)
  • Side Hip Raises (20 reps)
  • Squat X-Presses (30 Reps)
  • Plank to Chaturanga Runs (60 seconds, in 10 sec intervals)
  • Walking Push-Ups (60 seconds)
  • Superman Bananas (60 seconds)
  • Lunge Kickback Curl Presses (25 reps)
  • Towel Hoppers (60 seconds)
  • Reach High & Under Push-Ups (Max Reps)
  • Steam Engines (50 reps)
  • Dreya Rolls (60 seconds of douchieness)
  • Plank to Chaturanga Isos (60 seconds, in 10 sec intervals)
  • Halfbacks (60 seconds)
  • Table Dip Leg Raise (Max Reps)

I must say that all of the push-ups and plank to chaturanga excercises are really good.  The banana rolls, bow to boats,  and superman bananas are killer on the abs.   This is just a solid overall workout for the entire body that keeps it changing up enough so it does not get too boring.

4 days to go….