Day 16 – The Challenge

April 17, 2014

After doubling up for the past 2 days, it was back to a single workout today with just The Challenge.  This is simply a push-pull routine as Tony puts it.  I increased my numbers to 6 pull-ups and 18 push-ups.   Again I was unable to get through the entire workout with the 6 pull-ups unbroken.  Eventually in the later ones I would do 3 then rest for a couple seconds, then do 3 more.  The push-ups on the other hand, I was able to get through both sets of all the different types unbroken.  The burnout phase I managed 5 rounds of 1 pull-up and 3 push-ups.

Diet: 1,652 Gross Calories, Net of 1,234

Nutrition Breakdown: 30% Protein, 45% Fat, 24% Carbs. (Yuck… Mexican Food for Dinner, should have said NO)

Steps: 8,521

Active Minutes: 55

Calories Burned: 2768

Weigh-In:  183.6 lbs  down 2.0 from last week and down 2.2 from Day 1.


Day 11 and 12 – The Challenge and CVX

April 14, 2014

Weekend is here and it is a little harder to post.  With spring in the air there are lots of honey do’s to get started and finished on days that the weather is good.  With P90X3 only being 30 minutes per workout, it makes it much easier to get the workouts in.  I mean by the time you are started, finished and cleaned up, it still eats about an hour out of your day. (P90X was more like 1:45 and P90X2 more like 1:20 out of pocket time)

The Challenge:  Moved up to 5 – 15 as my numbers.  Still not able to get all the way through the workout doing 5 unbroken in the pull-ups each time.  Did manage to finish every time with 15 push-ups.   My pull-up bar is one of the in-the-door models and it really does not feel that great to do pull-ups on.  That is my excuse and I am sticking with it. 

CVX: Found my 5lb dumbbells and that turned out to the correct weight.  I made it all the way through, but several times found myself wanting to drop the weight and finish a set with no weight.   I toughed it out each time and was plenty sore in the chest and shoulders the next day. 

Diet: 1,875 and 2,211 gross calories (weekend!!!). Net of 1,324 and 1,441 

Nutrition: 34% Protein, 38% Fat, 28% Carbs (No more chinese chicken for lunch til my 30 days are up)

Steps: 11,527 and 11,908 – It was a busy friday and saturday

Active Minutes: 80 and 42 

Calories Burned: 2941 and 3161

12 down and 78 more days to go.



Day 4 – The Challenge

April 5, 2014

Here is your challenge: Pick 2 numbers 1 for pull-ups 1 for push-ups.  That is the number you try to do.  My numbers were 5 and 10. (It is the first week)  Now you do two rounds of different types of pull-ups and push-ups.  That is it.  Simple and easy.

Warm-up: Pretty quick, mostly shoulder and arm stuff.

Round 1: Wide-Pull-Ups/Standard Push-Ups – You are early in the workout, so these were pretty good.  I could do all 5 pull-ups without a break at this point, and 10 push-ups were no problem.  Repeat: again I was able to get all 5 pull-ups with no break, and 10 push-ups.

Round 2: Chin-Up/Military Push-Ups – Turning the hands around makes it easier.  Again I was able to do 5 unbroken and military push-ups are my favorite, so those were no problem.  Repeat: Needed my first break. 3 followed by 2 pull-ups.  Push-ups: no problem.

Round 3: Close Hand Pull-Up/Wide Push-up – Had to do these broken: 3 then 2 on the pull ups, Push-Ups: no problem.  Repeat: Again I did 3 then 2 on the pull-ups, followed by 10 wide push ups.

Round 4: Vaulter Pull-Ups/Stagger Hand Push-Ups – Broken record here.  Did it the same way. 3 then 2.

Burnout Round: 1 Pull-Up (any style) followed by 3 push-ups (any style) repeat.  As many rounds as possible in 2 and a half minutes.  I managed to get through 6 rounds before my jello arms would not do anymore.  There was still 36 seconds left on the clock.

Overall a nice upper body workout packed into 30 minutes. Love it.  Again, X3 is so much better than the others simple due to the shorter length of time and less Tony yacking.

The kids: Alice, who is almost grotesque in her muscles, Bobby Stevenson from P90X, and Sean Callahan.  All 3 of these kids can bring it, so trying to get to the level they are at would be a very high goal.  Alice does 20/30, Bobby 12/24 and Sean 18/40.  Actually Bobby goes beyond his numbers and Alice does not quite make it.  Well actually Tony tries to grab her tit to get her motivated, but it does not quite work.  It is actually quite creepy to watch…

Diet: 1,852 gross calories in. Net of 1,478. (374 Calories burned in The Challenge)

Nutrition: 40% Protein, 32% Fat, 28% Carbs

Steps: 9,209 – Again, too much desk time

Active Minutes: 59

Calories Burned: 2764

Only 86 more days to go!!!