Day 21 – The Warrior and Dynamix

April 22, 2014

Doubled up to finish off Week 3 and to get back on target with the workouts after the Easter weekend.  It was fitting to do The Warrior with “Boston Strong”  Susan and her clipped east coast accent spouting off every so often during the workout.  Tony also chirps in a few times with some bullshit about being from Rhode Island or some other insignificant state over there on the east coast.  Heading down to the beach with some “beers” of course non-alcoholic “beers” he says.   Yeah, sounds like fun.  Right up there with poking an eye out with a sharp stick. 

The third time through this workout was no easier than the first time.  There is just a lot of good stuff packed into the 30 minutes, you only get a few easy ones tossed in get your breath back.  Breaks are short (no more than 30 seconds) and if you follow the most extreme version of each move, you are gonna be totally gassed at the end.

I am about ready for a “Recovery week” as the jumping and twisting has my left knee a little swollen and sore. Climbing the steps every morning at work has gotten to be a nice painful wakeup with every other step up. 

Diet: 1,510 Gross Calories,   Net of  578  (The Warrior, Dynamix and Mowing the Lawn)

Nutrition Breakdown: 45% Protein, 41% Fat, 14% Carbs.

Steps: 15,879

Active Minutes: 115

Calories Burned: 3269


Day 13 – The Warrior

April 14, 2014

Time for The Warrior!  Body weight only on this workout.  Second time through this one at full pace and it is a great workout.  Sweating like a whore in church after this one is done.  I made it through the entire workout without stopping or pressing pause.  The Super Burpee and Abrinomes are the worst for me, I was actually getting a little light headed during the Super Burpee’s and almost tumbled right into the TV.  This wrapped up a pretty good weekend (friday thru sunday) of workouts combined with yardwork and “honey do” lists.  Need to get back to work so I can get some rest.

Diet: 1,517 gross calories in. Net of 952. Breakfast and an early dinner, no lunch squeezed in there.

Nutrition: 38% Protein, 31% Fat, 31% Carbs

Steps: 9,371–

Active Minutes: 42

Calories Burned: 2898

Done with Week 2.  I will be starting week 3 without doing the Dynamix routine. Instead I will be switching the routine order up a little bit due to Easter Sunday and Good Friday holidays.  I am thinking: Total Syn, Agility X, The Challenge, CVX, Rest Day (Friday), The Warrior, Yoga X (Sunday).  This is followed by the recovery week.


Day 6 – The Warrior

April 7, 2014

This is Tony’s military workout that he has done on bases all around the world!!!  God Bless the Troops, so lets get cracking on this thing.   Tony goes to great lengths to make sure you understand that it only takes body weight and the deck of an aircraft carrier to get this routine done.  Aliens and people in the space station are not allowed to do this workout.

So lets meet the kids: Susan Lucy, she is a mother of 3 and a Beachbody coach from Boston.  Therefore she is “Boston Strong”!Because of the fact that she is from the same town that a terrorist bombed, she magically has some extra power the rest of America does not.  Joel (one of Tony’s Sunday workout buddies, funny I never hear about any of his church buddies) this guy is a LA cop and a “scratch” golfer.  Last but not least Mark Briggs, this guy has been in other P90X routines in the past.

The workout consists of 4 excercises per set, with 4 sets total.  Here are the moves.

Set 1 – I made it through this combination without stopping.


Set 2 – I made it through this one as well.


Set 3 – Had to take some breaks during the Fifer Scissors. (they suck)


Set 4 – More breaks in Set 4 during the Abrinome.

  • SUPER BURPEE – I did the modified versions.
  • THINK DRILLS – No need to think about this, they suck.
  • BURNOUT – Depth Charges (stopped out with 30 seconds left)

Absolutely nothing new in this workout, it is like the Frankenstein of workouts with parts coming from various other P90X and Insanity routines.  Tony is the mad doctor, stitching this thing together while looking after his kids.  Even though it is a complete re-hash of other stuff, it is put together in a way that makes in interesting yet very tough as well.  Again cutting out the bullshit and just getting down to business makes P90X3 a more enjoyable workout than the other 3 P90’s.

Diet: 1,593 gross calories in. Net of 1,001.  I missed lunch as I was working in the yard.  Plus a nice fish dinner.

Nutrition: 35% Protein, 34% Fat, 31% Carbs

Steps: 10,047 –

Active Minutes: 40

Calories Burned: 2966

6 Days down, 84 more to go!!!

Tomorrow is a break… I will be doing the Dynamix routine though.

Test Week Continued…

March 31, 2014

I am closing in on the April 1st official start date.  This past weekend I tested out CVX and The Warrior.   Only doing 75% of each of the moves and it was still a pretty good workout each day.  

CVX:  Tony says it is the best of both worlds, cardio and weights.  To me it was simply a slower version of Insanity with a weight thrown in to make it hard.  The moves had slightly different names than what is in Insanity, but most were just some slight variation of an Insanity move with a weight tossed in for good measure.  I actually liked this workout alot as I really enjoyed the first 30 days of Insanity.  The problem with Insanity is that my late-40’s joints don’t take to the 1 hour  of pure jumping around that comes with days 31 thru 60. 

The Warrior: No matter how hard I tried, I could not get Patty Smyth’s song out of my head as I did this workout.  Again, 75% was plenty of work as there were a few items that I could not even keep good form on for 75% of the time.   No weights, bands, mats, whatever needed for this baby.  Again, this one was pretty fun to do, and next week when I am attempting to do 100% of the effort there is no way I am going to be able to hang with Tony and the kids.

I will be doing the Dynamix, workout this evening (this one is supposedly optional) but only at about 50% effort as I will be starting at FULL EFFORT on Tuesday April, 1st for my 90 days of P90X3.   Measurements, weigh-in and pictures will be completed.  Diet will start as well.  I will try to keep the blog up to date with the day by day results and reviews of the workouts and of course the diet and any additional Tony speak that I find amusing.