Days 30 thru 33

May 5, 2014

Okay, so I missed updating a few days due to being out of town so it is time to catch up on all the fun and games that are P90X3. 

Day 30 – This was Triometrics!!! First time doing this routine and it is awesome.  It is basically like the plyometrics routine (same types of moves, squats, jumps, lunges, etc..) but with 3 levels of intensity.  So you start off the first 20 seconds of each move at the lowest intensity, (in many cases it is just not reaching all the way to the floor) then the next 20 seconds you step up the intensity, (so all the way down to the floor, a skip instead of a step) and the final 20 seconds are full plyo intensity. (palms to the floor, full jumps between reps, etc..)  Of course we get fricking Dreya Weber in all of her glory for this routine, along with Nate the hippie, surfer dude, airline owning test group survior, and lastly Victor who also showed his mug in Agility X.  I really liked this routine as it kept things moving quickly and was tough, and can be made tougher by increasing the intensity every 20 seconds.

Day 31 – YogaX – Yeah… What else can I say?  I am getting a little better.  That is all.

Day 32 – Eccentric Lower: This is similar to the Eccentric Upper routine, but for the lower body.  So you slowly drop down into squats, lunges and kicks over a 3 second count, and then explode out of the move with force.  Just think of a full routine of Depth Charges from The Warrior workout.  Not a bad workout, and I was pretty whipped after completing it.   Oh yeah, you add a weight to each of the moves as well, so you need to keep track of what you did, so you can add to it next time.  Another good thing about this routine is that it has some newer faces.  Shannon (of the Banana Hammock in Dynamix), JD and Keith who are test group surviors.  Either JD or Keith spend much of the routine grunting like they are about to rut like a mule deer.  I was thinking poor Shannon would end up on the receiving end of a 3 way before the workout ended. 

Day 33 – Incinerator:  This is an upper body routine where you attempt to do each move to the point of failure.  We have several new faces in the crowd here:  Tamara, Blake and Jessica.  This is the first I have seen of these 3 and it is a nice change of pace.  Jessica is a little sketchy as I am not exactly sure what look she is going for.  The Tattoed Gym Teacher look, or the punk rock superstar look.  Either way, she is kind of bad ass.   Blake is a massive dude who apparently got that way from doing round after round of P90X and P90X2.  Apparently this shit works.  And Tamara is your typical workout model for these things.  Ripped from head to toe, just like every other woman you walk past in America.    So Incinerator does not really introduce you to any “new” types of moves, it just basically encourages you to pick a weight that is enough to make you fail at about 10 reps.  It then goes into a second move that targets those same muscles again. (after a quick break to let Tony babble on about shit that no one cares about)



Day 29 – Upper Eccentric

April 30, 2014

Starting off Block 2 of the P90X 3 program with Upper Eccentric.  This is an upper body workout that is similar to many of the other Push/Pull routines that the P90X series is noted for.  The difference in this one is that the movements are Eccentric.  Basically you move quickly into the contraction of the muscle and then release slowly back down over a 3 second count.  So push up quickly, then lower back down to the ground slowly.  Pull up quickly and then drop down slowly.   The moves are pretty much all the same stuff you normally do, Standard, Military, Wide and Staggered push-ups, and Pull, Chin, Close, Vaulter, and V Pull-ups.

The Eccentric moves wear out the arms rather quickly so the numbers are no where near as high as The Challenge.  In fact they are set to 10 reps on almost everything.  For me it was not enough for the push-ups and too much for the pull-ups.  I attribute part of this to the fact that I have an in the door pull up bar and although it is sturdy, there is just not much room to the sides or above my head. (I am in a finished basement so the ceiling is a little lower than normal)  I was able to get to 5 on all of the pull-ups but then had to take breaks or use some sort of assistance.  I was able to complete all the push-ups without any breaks.

Diet: I continue to strive to keep the Carbs down to 20% and on a weekly basis during the recovery week I managed to stay at a 39% Protein, 38% Fat, 23% Carbs.   Still a little high on the Carbs, but not to bad.   On the Net Calorie side I am shooting for about 1,560 per day.  I was 1,912 below that for the week, so that is about 275 below per day.  I use MyFitnessPal to track and I am pretty good about entering everything. 

Day 28 – Yoga X

April 29, 2014

Last day of recovery.  My yoga still sucks. It is getting better, but it still sucks.

Day – 24 thru 27

April 28, 2014

Rest and Recovery week continued through the weekend.  I used Saturday to double up and catch up on the workout that was missed on Tuesday.  So the weekend went as follows:  Friday: Pilates X, Saturday: Dynamix (make-up) and CVX,  Sunday: Dynamix (Make up from missed Easter Weekend).   So I am now caught up on all workouts.  I will do Yoga X on Monday (this evening) and will be ready to start Week 5 on schedule.

The only new workout this weekend was Pilates X:  Here is a rundown of what is involved.

The Kids: Stephanie Saunders,  Todd the X2 graduate, and Shawna Brannon (who is apparently Tony’s girlfriend).  Wow Tony has a girlfriend?  Apparently she does not mind the smell of Dreya’s coochie all over Tony’s hand.

Breathing and core moves… that is all.   I guess not…. Here are all the moves.  To say that I did not accomplish all of them would be an understatement.  Some require flexiblitiy that I just do not have.

  • Hundreds: On your back, curl your chin up and extend you legs outward and at a 45-degree angle to the floor. Extend arms towards hips and pump them towards the floor while breathing.
  • Single Leg Stretch: On your back, pull your knees into your chest and curl you chin up. Reach your right hand to the left knee and your left hand to the left ankle. Extend the other leg out at a 45-degree angle. Pull on your leg twice then switch.
  • Double Leg Stretch: Like the Single Leg Stretch, except instead of pulling your knees to your chest, you do this with both legs straight.  I call this the cheating Fifer Scissors move.
  • Peter’s Bridge: On your back, have your legs straight. Extend your legs towards the floor being sure to keep your lower back down. Only lower your legs until you feel your lower back move. Lift legs and repeat.
  • Teaser: Start on your back with legs straight up to the ceiling. Extend arms overhead and legs down to 45-degrees as you begin to lift into Boat.
  • V Rocker: In Plow, grab both ankles and rock forward to balance on your tailbone. Rock back and forth.
  • Bridge Lifts: On your back with knees bent, press your hips to the ceiling and extend on leg up. Lower the straight leg down and back up lifting the hips. Repeat.
  • Scissor Ball: Seated on your tailbone, hold the outside of your ankles and rock to your shoulders. Next, rock forward to balance on your tailbone again bringing one leg straight upward and the other straight and hovering off the floor. Curl back into a ball and rock back extending the legs in opposite directions.
  • Bicycle: Start seated with knees bent and wide elbows behind the head. Extend one leg out at 45-degrees, keeping the other bent. Turn your elbows towards the bent knees. Switch legs and rotate your elbows so you are always having your elbow go towards the bent knee.  Original Ab Ripper X move.
  • Hip Circles: Lying on your back, extend on leg straight up. Circle that leg out, around, and up. Switch directions after five reps. Then switch sides and do the other side five times in each direction.
  • Floating Cobra: On your stomach with core engaged, lift your chest and shoulders off the ground without using your hands. Hold and then lower. Repeat.
  • The Swimmer / The Flutter / The Bad Attitude: On your stomach, extend your arms overhead in front of you. Kick your legs and alternate your arms for The Swimmer. For The Flutter, bring your arms behind you and try tapping them together over your body. Have your legs crisscross above and below each other. For The Bad Attitude, bend both knees and bring your heels together behind your glutes. Place you head on the floor and push the heels towards the ceiling.
  • Saw: On your back with legs wide, curl up off the floor and reach straight forward. Come into a seated position and reach your arm to the opposite foot, then lower back to the floor. On the next time up, switch sides so you’re reaching the other arm to the other foot. This move is part of Ab Ripper X as well.
  • Alphabet Soup: Lying on your back with your hands flat underneath you, lower your legs to 45-degrees. Spell the alphabet in the air. Some of us know about this move using your tongue.
  • Scissor Side Plank: On your side with your forearm on the ground in a low t-stand, lift your top leg and kick it forward and then sweep it back.
  • Sphinx Flag: In forearm plank, lift one foot behind you. Pulse it twice in the air and then bring it out to the side, tap the floor twice. Repeat switching sides each time.
  • Clam Killer: In side arm plank, bring your top foot to your knee, rotate up and back, and then bring it back to your ankle. Kick that leg up to the ceiling and repeat. Do the move on both sides, doing one side completely and then the other.
  • T’s T: In side plank, lift your top foot to the ceiling and then tap the floor in front of you. Bring the leg back up and tap the floor behind.
  • Scissor Roller: One your back with legs and arms extended, curl your torso off the ground and reach your hands past your toes. Next, lift your torso and your right straight leg. Release both down to starting position.
  • The Pretzel: Seated, with your right foot crossed over your left and your weight on your left hand, lift your right leg up and around until it bend behind you. Pulse and then return to crossed position.


Day 23 – Accelerator

April 25, 2014

It is recovery week and that means a few new workouts. Today it was Accelerator.  Tony has a couple new workout buddies with him, along with Tracy who we have met before.  (She’s the woman who has popped a half dozen trophys out of the old glory hole)  The new guys are Scott and Kevin.  Scott kind of looks like Scott Hamilton the figure skater, I was expecting him to pull off a few triple axels and some fabulous spins. And then there is Kevin, lets just say that he would look just like Obamas son. (If he were wearing a hoodie, and had been capped by some crazed mexican dude)  Enough about the kids, on with the workout.

Here are the moves, each done for about a minute.

Warmup: Speed Salutation: Basically more shitting yoga, up, then down, up doggie, down doggie and repeat.

  • Twist and Pivot:  Just like the warmup move in other routines, except you can do it with sloppy arms.
  • Foot Pursuit:  High Knees run in place, of course Kevin is going all out on this one, cause he is used to the cops chasing him.
  • Get Up/Get Down: Basically just a Burpee for out of shape lard asses like me.
  • X Jacks and Punch Jacks:  Jumping jacks with arms extened fully so the body is like an X, Or Jumping Jacks with arms punching upward. I remember these from Insanity DVD’s.
  • Balance Burpees: Frog Squat first, then place hands on floor and jump back into plank. Do a push-up and move into Side-Arm balance, then rotate back to plank and do a push-up, then do a Side-Arm Balance on the other side. Put your hand back on the floor and jump back up to squat position.
  • Slalom Hops: Two footed hops over a pair of towels.
  • Mountain Climbers: In plank, run your knees towards your chest one at a time.
  • Spin Tops: Basically another name for squat jumps in Insanity.
  • Plank Walkers:  I was hoping Johnny Depp would pop out and poke Tony in the ass with his sword and make him jump off the side of the building.  No such luck. 
  • Joel Jumps:  See Agility X for what this is.  
  • Plank Circles: In plank, crawl clockwise, then counterclockwise.
  • Roadrunner: Slow and hunched over Mary Katherine jumps is what these are.  Real burners once you get to top speed.
  • Double Trouble Climbers: In plank, pull one knee at a time towards the opposite triceps. Lower to forearm plank on cue and pull knee up and out to the side to the same triceps.  These completely suck ass.
  • Diamond Hops: Place a small marker on the floor and begin and to hop clockwise or counterclockwise, changing on cue.
  • Swimmer’s Planks: In plank, alternate lifting your arm and opposite leg.  Do some sweet stroking in between.
  • Speed Skater: Nothing new here.
  • Plank/Sphinx Combo: Like Tony says, you won’t find this on any Chinese restaurant menu.
  • 3 Squat Hops: Starting in squat position hop three times in one direction, then switch. Alternate between three shuffles in each direction and three high jumps on cue.
  • Donkey Kicks:  I was hoping that it was going to be similar to the degenerate Donkey Punch.  I had visions of Tony kicking Traci in the back of the head as he pulled out, knocking her out in the process.  No such luck, get down on all fours and kick your legs up like a mule.  These are very hard on the lower back, knees and toes.

So I turned 48 today.  Yippee.

Diet: 1,384 Gross Calories,    Net of 906

Nutrition Breakdown: 36% Protein, 48% Fat, 16% Carbs.

Steps: 9,832

Active Minutes: 49

Calories Burned: 2844

Weekly Weight-In: 182.0  Down a total of 4 pounds from Day 2.

So I am 3 weeks into the program and 4 pounds down.  Just like previous versions of workouts, the first 3 or 4 weeks were slow but sure weight loss.  I am hoping that by the middle of the second recovery week that the weight will be about 175, and that by the end of the 90 days I should be below 170.  We shall see.

Day – 23

April 24, 2014

Life gets in the way some time. Not able to do the workout today.  Was supposed to weight-in as well, missed that.  Will have to catch up tomorrow with a double workout.

Day 22 – Isometrix

April 23, 2014

Isometrix… A fancy name for “More Fucking Yoga!”.  And guess what else?  It is the “hardest” part of Yoga…  Upon hearing this, I was already this close to turning the DVD off and popping open a couple of beers instead.  I am already pissed about this thing and we are still just listening to Tony yammer on before the thing actually gets started.  Cut to workout room and I am thinking, I hope there are a couple new “Kids” for this.  Nope..  Instead it is that dipshit Ted “The Traveling Yoga Guy” and Dreya “flies through the air like a professionally tossed midget” Weber.  Shit and double shit!!  But wait, there is some other new guy who kind of looks normal.  His name is Nate the surfer looking dude and he is a test group survior, and he owns an airline.  Holy Shit, Fly me away to the land of hash in every baggie and Bongs in every garage dude.  Enough of this introduction crap lets get started.

No warmup here, lets just jump in and begin punishing everyone right from the start.  So Isometrix involves an upper move (45 seconds in duration) followed by a lower body move (another 45 seconds in duration), then switch sides and repeat.  So start with a plank, then lift the left arm straight out (now you are in tripod plank)  hold this for 45 fricking seconds.  So after about 15 seconds you start to shake a little and maybe wobble a bit.  By 30 seconds “you got the fire going in there” as your shoulders and joints will let you know.  Once you finally hear old Captain Douchebag start to count down from 5-4-3-2 and down, you will never be so happy to hear his dumbass talk in your entire life.  So here is the order of torture in this workout.

Plank – Arm Reach: Stay in plank, reach out with one of your arms.

Standing Leg Extension – Stand on one leg, extend other leg out in front of you. Keep your balance and get it up there.

Plank – Arm and Leg lift: Now you balance on 1 arm and 1 leg in plank. (remember, you have 45 seconds of this)

Chair – with 1 leg extended forward: Basically a 1 legged chair.

Forearm Side Balance: Like a side arm balance, but you get to stay on your forearm instead

Royal Dancer:  Balance on 1 leg, reach 1 arm back and grab toe of leg that is up in the air.  I look more like a Royal Idiot doing this.

One Arm Sphinx:  You get the picture here. Look like an egyptian for 45 seconds each side.

Tree Pose:- At last an easy one.

Side Arm Balance: We have done these before, but now you have to balance for 45 seconds. Wobble and shake..

Warrior 3: Again, this is not so bad when you move through it quickly, but holding the pose for 45 sucks balls.

Bound Dog: This requires you to be a little more flexible, I could not get into the proper pose for this.

Inner Balance:  Stand on one leg and balance, should be easy right?  Forgot to tell you, close your eyes and balance.  Not so easy anymore.

Moon Dog:  Kind of like a Half Moon pose, but arms out to the front.  Tough on the legs after 45 seconds each side.

Extra move: Crane.  Yeah right.

Overall, I did not mind this workout as much as I thought that I would.  Yes the whole Tony and Dreya thing goes on and gets a little tedious with him preening all over her.  But you work up a pretty good sweat while really not jumping or moving around much at all.  Calorie burn was a little low at just under 200, but you would never know it.  This is probably just what the doctor ordered for my knee that is starting to get sore and swollen. It was nice to see a slightly normal person who actually stumbles and falls a few times doing these moves, so Nate is a great addition.  Looking forward to doing this workout again, to see if I can get better at some of the moves.

Diet: 1,214 Gross Calories, Net of 1012

Nutrition Breakdown: 47% Protein, 41% Fat, 12% Carbs.

Steps: 8,748

Active Minutes: 29

Calories Burned: 2558