Days 39 – 42

May 12, 2014

Day 39 – Eccentric Lower: Added to the weights on each move.

Day 40 – Incinerator: Increased weights to 20lb dumbells from 15’s and to 8lb dumbells from 5lb

Day 41 – MMX: This thing is great, but all the sprawling hurts the lower back still.  I really need to get this issue cleared up as it keeps me from getting everything out of the workouts.

Day 42 – Dynamix: What is not to like.  Good stretches and work up an easy sweat.  (I did this on the same day as MMX so I could take the real day 42 off)

I have now competed the first 6 weeks of the program.  Weigh-in will not be for another 2 days, but I am guessing that I am down about 9 to 10 pounds.   Still need to trim more of the fat.  3 days away from the halfway point.  I am not feeling the desire to quit the program like I had with the original P90x, and I think that has to do with the shorter workouts.

I will give full update of stats on Day 45 (halfway).