Day 78 – Chest, Shoulders and Triceps

February 15, 2010

This workout does not involve the legs in any way so the swollen back of my right knee will not be an issue.   This is the last time for this workout and quite frankly I am kind of glad.  That woman on the left is crazy ugly and scares me every time they first show her.   On the other hand, I really like Phil the muscle bound bad ass who pretty much puts Tony in his place when he needs to.  So I am gonna miss him.   Daniel the substitute teacher on the other hand, well even Tony forgets about him in less than an hour. 

I really tried to increase the reps and weights on everything, but ended up only matching the numbers on some of the excercises.  This really pissed me off cause several times I was shaking like crazy just trying to match the numbers from last time I did this.   The one-arm pushups give me problems for some reason,  and I could not get past my limit of 11 clap push-ups without planting my face into the floor.  

This is a good workout and will probably be one that I continue to do once the 90 days is finished.   For now, it is back into the box with it.  12 days to go.


Day 64 – Chest, Shoulders and Triceps

February 1, 2010

Back to the Chest, Shoulders and Triceps workout.  Every time I turn this thing on I get creeped out by the woman in this video.  I don’t know why, I am sure she is a nice lady and everything, but damn she is scary.  Those gloves with the cut off fingers make me think she is gonna go grab a meat cleaver and come walkin through the TV like that nasty thing in the movie “The Ring”.    Awe damn, now I went and scared myself and wet down my leg.  Gotta go change pants.

Anyways I am back with a fresh set of drawers on…  Below are the 60 day comparisons for the Front and Side.   Day 60 was actually sunny out, so it is a little brighter picture that the others.   Hopefully the last 30 days will really make a bigger difference as I am not all that impressed yet.  Looking at these pics, I guess if that nasty chick comes through the TV with a cleaver, I will just flash her my white chest and belly and blind her temporarily while I make my get away. 

From the side ….

Day 43 – Chest, Shoulders & Triceps

January 11, 2010

Not much new here… I think the sickness is finally wearing off of me.  Unfortunately the lower amount of calories that I have been eating is making additional progress on some of the videos harder.  I was only able to stay at the same number of reps and weights in almost all of the excercises today.   If I had done 20 push-ups last time, that is exactly where I fell on my face again this time.  (Am I the only one doing push-ups until my arms give out and I crash on my face?)   I think I need to re-evaluate that strategy, as I am ugly enough without the additional carpet marks ground into my forehead. 

I have been staying lower on the calories this week on purpose.  Seeing that I was sick a day and ate basically nothing, I figured I would go for some weight loss this week and try to stay down on the calories.  I will weight-in on Monday after the Plyo workout and see if I was able to drop some pounds.  I should because I have kept under 2000 calories each day, and just to stay at my current weight with a sedentary lifestyle required about 2600 calories a day.   

I am also creeping up on the half way mark  (Day 45 woo hoo) that will be on Wednesday.  My original goal was to drop from 185 pounds down to 165 pounds.  I need to be a least below 175 by then, as I figure it must get harder to drop the weight the further you get into this.    I have also gotten my hands on the “Insanity” workouts, these things look like killers.  My plan is to start that little bundle of joy about 2 weeks after completing the P90X workouts.  

Amazingly, my wife and daughter have both continued on with the P90X workouts.   I am not sure if they have “officially” started, or if they are simply going to count from the day they started doing what I had called “trial runs” of the DVD’s as their starting dates.   At least we all have something in common now, before when I would come up from the basement covered in sweat, I would get the stink-eye from them.  Get in the shower!!!   What are you doing down there.  That can’t be that hard to do.   But now that they are doing it, I don’t hear any of that anymore.

Day 36 – Chest, Shoulders & Triceps II

January 4, 2010

Today was the second time through the Chest, Shoulders and Triceps workout and I attempted to bring it a little harder this time.  I increased the weights on all of the excercises by 5 lbs per dumbell, and I was also able to increase the number of reps on all of the push-ups by at least 2 reps.  The only one I could not improve upon were the one-armed ones.  I just cannot seem to get my balance with these and ended up doing the same amount as last time before planting my face into the basement floor.   Kind of sounded like a coconut hitting a hardwood basketball floor. 

This workout is a killer on the chest.  Several times I ended up curled in the fetal position huffing and puffing and saying,  ‘ouch, ouch, ohhh shit that hurts’.  This was usually after trying to do just one more extra push up, only to have my arms collapse and my face getting squished into the carpet.   I can tell you, the carpet smells like my feet, cause I am down there with no shoes on all the time. 

Of course it was then on to AbRipperX for the 13th time in total.  I am finally getting the oblique V-ups down to the point where I can cruise through all 25 per side without to much problem.  The Pulse-ups continue to give me problems, so I do 5 then put my feet down, then 5 more, so on and so on until I get to 25.   Keeping my legs up like that just kills the lower back.   The guy in this picture looks exactly like me, without the jello layers.

Another thing about this workout,  muscle man Phil kicks ass!!!  I just love that he tells Tony to “Get out of here” when he is bugging him, and when Tony asks about the stupid ass soup, Phil says I am making Trouble Soup.  Tony gets pissed that Phil is funnier than him, and just watching Tony get pissed my friends, is funnier than anything that dipshit has ever said.

Day 29 – Chest, Shoulders & Triceps

December 28, 2009

Ok, today was the start of Week 5 and time for a new DVD.  Kind of felt like Christmas all over again, getting to open a new DVD.   So in goes the Chest, Shoulders & Triceps and on comes Tony in all of his douchey glory.  So we start warming up and the camera pans to the left and holy mother of ugly sticks, what the hell is that thing?   It looks like the offspring of Dreya and Sylvester Stallone and it is working out with Tony.   And much to my horror, Tony says, this thing completed the test group with her daughter.   To much information Tony, cause now my brain is thinking “who would nail that” and “what type of creature could have possibly sprung from her loins”?  

The camera pans further left and what do we have here?  The token oriental guy thrown in to make sure the DVD’s are politically correct.  You can tell Tony has no fuckin idea who this chin is, as he calls him by the wrong name at least three times and hails him as some sort of folk hero for being a substitute teacher.  Holy crap, so this guy knows how to run the movie projector and threaten to report kids to the regular teacher when he/she gets back.  Awesome dude.

Last but not least we get to Phil the attorney.  Now this guy is built, and he pretty much acts like he would love to just grab Tony by the neck and toss him around a little bit.   There are a few times when Tony asks him to do one more rep and the guy just about clocks his ass, but no.  Probably realized he would get sued by Tony for mussing up his hair.

The workout contains all types of crazy assed push-ups with strange names.  Basically they all suck and you cannot even keep up with the offspring of Dreya and Sly much less Phil the badass.   By doing each of the push-up sets to exhaustion, you pretty much have nothing left for the ones that come at the end.  One-Armed and Clap Pushups.  I did manage to squeak out 5 one-armed and 7 clap pushups, but I paid for it my smashing my face on the carpet when I ran out of gas.   Well tomorrow is Day 30 and after I finish plyometrics it will be time to weigh-in and do measurements.   I will probably take pictures as well, I will eventually post them on the site, maybe not at day 30, but after day 90.  Not sure yet.