Insanity – Day 18 – Redux of Day 17

With an extra day of rest, the swelling in the knee was gone, so time to take on Pure Cardio.   I have noticed that the first time through the warm up section when you are just taking it easy, that my legs really hurt at that point.  Must be the warming up process, cause by the time the second round of warm ups is underway, the pain disappears.  By the time the third round of warm-up gets there, I have a light sweat going and no pain anywhere. 

My goal was to get PAST frog jumps (9th minute) without having to stop for any extra breaks.  Well once again, I noticed that as I got closer to Frog Jumps I was starting to get a little tired.  Once the Frog Jumps arrived, I just forced myself to keep going, despite the ache in my calfs.   That was a long minute, but I got through it and figured I would need a rest in the next excercise…  Nope, Kept going.  I actually made it all the way to the last segment (push-up jacks) before I needed to take an extra rest.   I would do 5 push-up jacks, then rest for 10 seconds, then 5 more etc… until that final minute was done.   Wooo Hooo

The extra day of rest for the knee really made a difference.  I think I can finish out the week with Cardio Recovery and Cardio Power and Resistance before heading out to Colorado for a ski vacation.  Looking on Livestrong, alpine skiing burns some serious calories between 400 and 450 per hour.   Hopefully that will be a good substitute for the Insanity and I will pick back up where I left off when I get back in a week.


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